UFO Silencers

UFO Silencers
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UFO Silencers

Timothy Green Beckley

"Close the doors! They're coming in the windows!" That was a popular expression about thirty years ago, taken from the lyrics of a hit song now long forgotten. "Close the windows! They're coming in the doors!" The songwriter had probably never heard of the mysterious Men In Black (MIBs) but he might have been writing about them.


They have been sneaking up on unwary UFO witnesses and ufologists for generations, often causing great confusion and sometimes outright terror. In more recent years they have been the subject of a number of commercial motion pictures and, back in the 1 960s, an actor named Roy Thinnes chased them week after week in a highly rated TV series. In England, a rock group named The Men In Black has achieved great notoriety. The MIBs have become a part of the underground culture everywhere.

In the ancient religion of Wicca or witchcraft a Man In Black holds a prominent symbolic meaning. In many rites of witchcraft, a member of the coven dresses in black to represent the MIB.

The fairy lore of the Celtic countries is also filled with tales of Men In Black, In fact, part of the fairy belief includes fairies who are the size of normal men and who walk almost unnoticed among humans except for their black clothing. Like their smaller counterparts, they were said to be great mischief-makers.

When the MIBs began appearing in areas where UFO sightings were numerous, the early UFO investigators tried to connect them exclusively to UFOs and their usual reasoning was that the mystery men were somehow related to the government or the Air Force. It was true that some government agents were-and are-fond of black suits and wrap-around sunglasses. For example, after Lee Harvey Oswald was linked with the assassination of President Kennedy it was reported that a group of men in black suits descended on his old military unit and rifled the files. Obviously they must have belonged to some Intelligence group like the C.I.A. Their black suits were almost a uniform, like the dark clothes worn by the Secret Service men who attempt to protect the President.

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