Beyond Reality Out of this World UFO Mysteries : A Reporter Seeks the Truth

UFO Mysteries : A Reporter Seeks the Truth

UFO Mysteries : A Reporter Seeks the Truth
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UFO Mysteries
A Reporter Seeks the Truth

by Curt Sutherly

"UFO Mysteries is one of the best works on the subject of UFOs since Jacques Vallee's seminal 1965 Anatomy of a Phenomenon. Sutherly has blended skillful writing with the determination of a true investigator to produce an objective and introspective look at one of the greatest enigmas humankind has so far faced." Rick R. Hilberg, Ufologist and Anomalist Cleveland, Ohio Fifty Years of UFO Stories Filled with anecdotes and insider information, UFO Mysteries chronicles fifty years of UFO occurrences in the United States and Europe, from Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting over Mt. Rainier to the wave of triangular UFO sightings over the U.S. and Great Britain during the 1990s.

Derived in part from Strange Encounters, the author's earlier book, this updated and expanded version combines a journalistic style with first-person recollection to give the reader a fresh-and remarkable-view of the UFO phenomenon.

Included are fifteen rare photographs from a private collection, among them a previously unpublished UFO photograph mailed anonymously to radio station KYW in Cleveland, Ohio.

W. Ritchie Benedict, UFO Writer, Researcher, and Lecturer, for UFO Magazine
"...covers a great deal of ground while presenting a well-balanced documentation of UFO controversies and general weirdness."

UFO Journal, Mutual UFO Network, December 2001
" interesting look at key elements of the UFO field over the past half-century by a qualified author..."

Softbound, 6x9, 228 pages

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