The Law Universal Law Time and The Technosphere : Law of Time in Human Affairs

Time and The Technosphere : Law of Time in Human Affairs

Time and The Technosphere : Law of Time in Human Affairs
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Time and The Technosphere
The Law of Time in Human Affairs

by José Argüelles, Ph.D.

In Time and the Technosphere, Jose Arguelles presents a groundbreaking study that distinguishes the natural time of the cosmos from the artificial mechanistic time under which we currently live. Arguelles defines the actual nature of time as the frequency of synchronization. Applying this Law of Time to an understanding of the entire system of life on Earth, he shows that in order to not destroy Earth's ability to sustain life, we must change our definition of time and adopt a natural harmonic calendar based on the 13-moon 28-day cycle. Until the creation of the Gregorian calendar and the 60-minute hour, most of humanity lived by the 28-day cycle of natural time. The adoption of artificial time has subjected us to a 12:60 time frequency that governs the entire global industrialized civilization-the technosphere. With the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, a fissure was created in this artificial technosphere, opening up the nosphere (Earth's mental envelope).

Humanity has a golden opportunity to leave the strife of the past and enter a time of peace by adopting a harmonious natural calendar that will repair the damages caused by the irregular tempo of technospheric time. Our last best chance to adopt this natural time and step into the bright new future promised by the galactic shift of 2012 is the Great Calendar Change of 2004, a new discovery based on the author's mathematical research into the Mayan calendar first begun in his landmark work The Mayan Factor. In Time and the Technosphere, Arguelles reveals the clear distinction between third-dimensional astronomical time and the fourth-dimensional synchronic order of the Law of Time, which holds enormous potential for the future of humanity.

The Climax of History, the Fifty-six Years of Hiroshima
-Artificial Time Runs Out
Page 86

Communication is the fifth component that unifies the technosphere into one whole system in touch with itself everywhere. From telegraph to telephone, radio, television, and then finally fax, cell phone, and the Internet, the industrial-era technologies, with their electronic instantaneity, have created the vast communication networks and media empires that keep the world humming and promote globalization above all. When considering modern communication we must also bring into focus the chief method of globalization, which is marketing-propaganda on behalf of consumerism. Marketing is the use of means of mass communication to control the mind of the consumer. In the final stage of globalization, marketing replaces consciousness, or rather, marketing is the manipulation of consciousness-the latter already having been reduced to a stunted level-for purposes of consumerism, or for ideological needs such as patriotism and fear campaigns. The Internet, the marriage of computer and telephone technologies, represents the final state of the Tower of Babel, and the completion of the process of globalization. The only place to go after the Internet is technology-free telepathy.

From the biospheric perspective, this five-tiered complex of the technosphere is a whole unit. All the subsystems evolved together to establish the structure and operating procedures of the technosphere. When the technosphere goes, the entire system folds. This is what is now beginning to occur. Following the Inevitable Event, the whole technospheric system will be coming down slowly over the next few years, like a giant circus tent that has lost its central prop. How gracefully or gracelessly this happens is dependent on the response of the Pentagon-or the will of humanity to rouse itself in the face of even worse barbarisms.

Because it consists of five interactive components, the technosphere can be graphically depicted as a pentagon, a five-sided figure. At the center of this pentagon of the technosphere are the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The actual Pentagon, which was attacked along with the Twin Towers, was designed in the late 1930s to house the U.S. Department of War. Its construction occurred in the years 1941-1943, in an old neighborhood of pawnshops and bars called Hell's Bottom.2 When it was built it was the world's largest office building in terms of actual space. Of course, when they were built, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were the world's tallest office buildings. The structure of the Pentagon is the prototypical morphology of the structure of the five systems that constitute the technosphere. The Pentagon was the impregnable fortress of the American war machine, protecting American interests and globalization around the world. If there were two central points-actual and symbolic-to what is known as the military-industrial complex, it was the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, and this is undoubtedly the reason why they were both targets of the Inevitable Event.

What is architecturally noteworthy about the Pentagon is that it is designed with five inner pentagonal corridors and office slabs, and that it is constructed with its odd point to the south. Since a pentagon is actually a pentagram, a five-pointed star with its points connected, the Pentagon represents an inverted pentagram, as its odd point faces south rather than north. In the traditional Tarot deck it is interesting that the Fifteenth Major Arcana, The Devil, contains an inverted pentagram between the horns of the Beast. Paul Foster Case writes, "This is a key to the whole meaning of the figure [of the devil]. For the Pentagram is the symbol of man, and an inverted Pentagram suggests the reversal of true understanding of man's place in the cosmos"3 While the Fifteenth Major Arcana contains the pentagon as the inverted pentagram, the next card, the Sixteenth Arcana, is The Tower, which shows the tower being struck and broken apart by lightning (fire of heaven), with humans falling or jumping out of the windows to their death-as accurate a symbolic depiction of the collapse of the Twin Towers as could be found.

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