CD/DVD/Video The Dead Are Talking (Audio CD Book)

The Dead Are Talking (Audio CD Book)

The Dead Are Talking (Audio CD Book)
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Ross Hemsworth


The Dead Are Talking
Ross Hemsworth
Audio Book
on 4 Audio CDs

For centuries the words "paranormal" or "occult" have been associated with words such as insanity, mental illness and even "evil". But now, evidence is beginning to emerge that could show paranormal researchers as nearer reality than the skeptical community!

Let's not forget that the word "paranormal" is merely that which cannot currently be scientifically explained as "normal". It does not necessarily mean that someone that researches it believes in ghosts! Electricity may have been deemed paranormal before it was fully explained by science.

There are many things we do not understand in our world and in the universe around us. How many times has the question arisen "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" yet so far, no-one has been able to answer that particular conundrum.

What is at the end of space? As humans we have a real problem with infinity, it just doesn't make sense to our somewhat limited brain capability. We imagine the end of space as something like a brick wall, but as that only has limited thickness, what is behind that brick wall? It's enough to blow a complete set of brain fuses! But could it be that the brain was designed only for our relatively short time on Earth in our physical body? Maybe it just wasn't designed to understand the many mysteries of the universe. Imagine the brain purely as the RAM of your bodily computer or the virtual memory.

Perhaps our "mind" is completely separate from the brain, and like your computer's hard drive, has a much larger storage capacity, and maybe we can "tap into the server network" or a universal consciousness which allows us to explore much further.

In this book, I will put forward my own views, ideas and evidence from my research which just may make you think again about what and HOW your belief system works. I was not convinced of the existence of the paranormal by one singular event, but by many events over several years - yet skeptics expect us to convince them with one solid piece of evidence on a single investigation - it just doesn't work like that! So my job is not to convince the skeptics, it is purely to ask you to open your mind to possibilities that you may not have thought about before. I want you to think without boundaries, and dismiss nothing until you have witnessed it for yourself.

I estimate that 90% of alleged paranormal occurrences, have logical and rational explanations, but the 10% that will not fit into that particular box, is what began my quest for answers. Although I must add, that for every answer one gets in paranormal research, it tends to produce a further ten questions.

This book is not however, just about GHOSTS! In the following chapters I deal with many subjects including UFO's, parallel dimensions, dowsing, ley lines, Earth energies, The Knights Templars and even my own thoughts of suicide after my divorce! My journey and quest for the truth has not been an easy one. Be warned - enter the world of paranormal research at your own risk - it can be fraught with danger, anguish, verbal and physical attacks from others and even an ear-battering from religious groups.

3 1/2 hours on 4 Audio CDs - Play on any CD player

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