The Law Sovereignty - Patriot Studies Temple of Karnak : Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your Democracy

Temple of Karnak : Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your Democracy

Temple of Karnak : Rogue Judges Have Been Strangling Your Democracy
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The Temple of Karnak
How Rogue Judges Have Been
Strangling Your Democracy

by D. J. Connolly

Our founders intended the judicial branch of government to be "the weakest of the three departments of power," and they tried to make that clear in the Constitution (see Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Number 78). However, our founders underestimated the gall, deviousness and lust-for-power of future judges. Throughout our history, America's judiciary has relentlessly expanded its power at the expense of elected bodies accountable to "We The People."

Courts now make most of our important new laws. And chronic abuse of judicial power makes a mockery of our constitutional guarantee of a "Republican Form of Government." This mockery is applauded by media, political, and legal elites who see our court system as just another arena in which to lobby. They also hold the view that "We The People" cannot be trusted to elect enlightened lawmakers. So it's just as well that judges make most of the important new laws.

This elite view ignores a dirty little secret that's evident in the historical record. Stealth legislation by the ayatollahs on our courts has led to a long list of national catastrophes. We published The Temple of Karnak to let ordinary citizens in on the secret.

Learn How Activist Judges:

Gave us 100,000 extra murders and half-a-million extra rapes between 1970 and 1990;

Ruined 20 million educations during the last three decades, wasting $100 billion of the taxpayers' money in the process;

Proclaimed wholly fictitious constitutional protections for abortion, flag burning, and gender equity;

Helped cause culture wars, political corruption, and voter apathy;

Imposed an alien religion on your community in defiance of the First Amendment;

Helped cause the Civil War and the Great Depression;

And it was all based on a bogus Constitution they made up themselves.

Our federal judiciary has been the longest enduring and most successful organized crime syndicate since the Vikings. Now lawless state judges are also getting into the act.


CHAPTER 8: Viking Jurisprudence

An account of Warren Court rulings which distorted the Constitution, gave aid and comfort to enemies of the United States, and, following the advice of Machiavelli, used the Court's powers to "extinguish" the political "families" of the justices' domestic "enemies."


A perspective on the 1954 coup by which the Warren Court defied the Constitution, created precedents leading to a half-century of judicial dictatorship, and set in motion a process which ruined the educations of two generations of urban public school children.


An account of the destruction of our urban public schools by federal judges, the invention of the consent degree scam, and a racist plantation in the U. S. Supreme Court.


A case study describing the destruction of the formerly excellent Cleveland public school system, the waste of a billion taxpayer dollars, and the ruined educations of twenty-thousand children.


A case study describing how federal judges doubled the tax rate in Kansas City and wasted 1.6 billion dollars of Missouri citizens' tax money.


An account of the attempt to shift the blame for a failed judicial initiative on to "We the People," and a rough estimate of the total cost of that failed initiative.


An account of orders by state judges which defy their own state constitutions and further degrade the efficiency of public schools.

About the Author:
Denis J. Connolly was employed, as a research engineer and middle manager, at NASA's Glenn Research Center from 1961 to 1997. He received a Ph. D., in engineering, from Case Western Reserve University in 1971. During his NASA career, Connolly authored a long list of research papers which were published in various technical media.

Several decades of observation and casual analysis had made Dr. Connolly aware of a dirty little secret. Our much celebrated "rule of law" has degenerated into a pervasive scam designed to take major political decisions away from elected officials accountable to "We The People" and place them in the hands of a tiny minority of legal elites. So, in early 1997, Connolly decided to retire from his career in the physical sciences and devote his time and energy to a new project. He decided to write a book exposing the dirty little secret.

Mass Trade Paperback, 6" x 9", 250 pp.

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