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Tarzan and the Ant-men

Tarzan and the Ant-men
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Author Name Edgar Rice Burroughs


Tarzan and
the Ant-men

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs, man of mystery, who created fiction to reveal his passion for the truth about lost civilizations, Atlantis, hollow earth, and more. Though most may not consider Tarzan stories as science fiction, this one truly is, since Burroughs plants the seeds of forgotten civilizations in the context of his novel.


It had been this difference of opinion between the chief and the witch doctor that had kept Esteban Miranda from the fleshpots of the village, for Obebe had wanted to eat him, thinking him his old enemy the ape-man; but the witch doctor had aroused the superstitious fears of the villagers by half convincing them that their prisoner was the river devil masquerading as Tarzan, and, as such, dire disaster would descend upon the village were he harmed.

The result of this difference between Obebe and the witch doctor had been to preserve the life of the Spaniard until the truth of one claim or the other was proved-- if Esteban died a natural death he was Tarzan, the mortal, and Obebe the chief was vindicated; if he lived on forever, or mysteriously disappeared, the claim of the witch doctor would be accepted as gospel.

After he had learned their language and thus come to a realization of the accident of fate that had guided his destiny by so narrow a margin from the cooking pots of the cannibals he was less eager to proclaim himself Tarzan of the Apes. Instead he let drop mysterious suggestions that he was, indeed, none other than the river devil.

The witch doctor was delighted, and everyone was fooled except Obebe, who was old and wise and did not believe in river devils, and the witch doctor who was old and wise and did not believe in them either, but realized that they were excellent things for his parishioners to believe in.

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¾", 288+ pages

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