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William Hamilton III
Commander X

If you were to acquire a time machine, where and when would you go? The prospect is fascinating. Would you visit your own past? In doing so would you return to the time of your childhood to view yourself as a young boy or girl from your perspective as an adult? Would you feel the urge to interfere and influence some decision you had made that you felt took you down the wrong road in later years? If you could take a camera or camcorder with you, could you record the past to show it to your friends?



Rod Serling could invent some interesting circumstances in his Twilight Zone series. In the fourth season he introduced a little time travel story called Of Late I Think of Cliffordville. In this story the protagonist, played by Albert Salmi, is a wealthy tycoon who yearns to return to the time of his youth in Cliffordville, Indiana. A beguiling devil played by Julie Newmar meets with him to offer a deal.

For fourteen hundred dollars she will see that he is transported back in time to 1910 with a youthful appearance. She doesn't want his soul because she already has it. Salmi, playing Feathersmith, accepts the offer and soon finds himself in the town of his youth. He connives to purchase Widow Turner's land having knowledge there is a rich deposit of oil that has been found there. He manages to buy the deed but to his dismay discovers that the technology to extract oil from the deep crevices on the land doesn't exist until 1937. When he finally returns to the 1963 from whence he started, he returns as a poor janitor having a valueless deed as part of his net worth.

Is it possible to change the present by changing the past as Feathersmith did? If it is, we are ignorant of such occurrences. In another chapter we will explore the actual experiences of people who have had slips in time and claim they have returned to a bygone era. These anecdotal stories may be the strongest indication yet that travel through time is not only possible but is happening now.

In 2003 a press release went out from the Weekly World News, which was republished in newspapers, about a time traveler who came from 200 years in the future to make use of his knowledge to strike it rich in the stock market.

The story read that a 44-year-old man, who called himself Andrew Carlssin, had uncanny success in the stock market and was left off in handcuffs on January 28. From an initial investment of only $800 he went to a portfolio of $350 million in just two weeks. Such a spectacular monetary gain smelled of inside sources, as the police figured he could not pull it off without illegal inside information. Carlssin allegedly made a four-hour confession, but it was not one the police were expecting. He declared he was a time traveler from 200 years in the future when it was common knowledge that our era had experienced plunges in the stock market. He just wanted to return to his "time craft" so he could take advantage of his profits.

Many readers thought the story so plausible they were convinced that it really happened. Few seemed to know that its source was a well-known tabloid newspaper that regularly publishes fabricated stories.

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