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Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal

Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal
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Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal

by Peter Moon

Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal is a true life adventure where the crossroads of parallel universes meet to reveal the core formula of reality. Told against the backdrop of King Solomon's underground catacombs, this book explores the pathway to the Unified Field through the principle of synchronicity.

In 1990, when Peter Moon encountered Preston Nichols and opened the door to the public investigation of the Montauk Project, he began to experience odd synchronicities that were far beyond the range of what could be considered ordinary coincidences. In the midst of writing and editing books, Peter found that these synchronicities accelerated at a far greater rate than he could easily chronicle and put into book form.

Only now, after a dozen years is he beginning to catch up and publish the first installment which is entitled SYNCHRONICITY AND THE SEVENTH SEAL, Peter's first solo authored book since THE BLACK SUN in 1997. This new book begins with a historical and scientific look at synchronicity before leading into a recapitulation and new perspective on the many synchronicities that are now part of the Montauk legend.

After revealing the paranormal prelude that led him to the Montauk Project, which includes the origins of the Remote Viewing phenomena, Peter gives a riveting account of and a totally new perspective to the Babalon Working which was revealed to him as a result of his adventures with Marjorie Cameron, the wife of Jack Parsons who was the vehicle used to precipitate the return of the Goddess.

SYNCHRONICITY AND THE SEVENTH SEAL reveals new mysteries about the Babalon Working and how his study of it led to further synchronicity, including a unique penetration of the work of John Dee and Edward Talbot Kelly, two magicians who inspired the Babalon Working and also dictated the future course of Western Civilization under the sponsorship of Queen Elizabeth I. Ultimately, this path of synchronicity leads to the revelation of the Seventh Seal itself.

It is not what you think, but you will not be disappointed, and you will learn the greatest secret by which the multitudes have been duped since the beginning of the Christian Era.

From the back cover:

Beware to ye who enter the ruins of Sulaiyman the king

For beneath the ground of where his mighty temple once stood lies the complex of caverns and hidden chambers which house his greatest mystery: a sealed bottle of brass guarded by the denizens of the deep, a legion of daemon who will thwart anyone attempting to unseal the bottle in order to penetrate its secret power.

Heed the warning for your own sake, for if you do not fear the daemon and should be so lucky as to pass them and undo the seal, and it is only luck that will enable such, you will be brought before the inside of the bottle of brass itself to confront the mirror of your own reality which includes not only your wildest dreams and their fulfillment but also your greatest nightmares.

For a third and final time, heed the warning once again, for the path is littered with the skulls and bones of those who have failed to penetrated the mystery yet adorn themselves with the insignia of their own failure.

Softbound, 6x9, 456 pages

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