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Surrender of an Empire

Surrender of an Empire
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Surrender of an Empire

By Nesta H. Webster

An examination of the events that brought about the decline of British Imperialism.


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Chapter XVIII
The Surrender to the WAFD

Although neither Egypt no Palestine has ever formed a part of the British Empire, it is necessary to include them in this survey, because as spheres of British influence, occupying geographically an important key position, they offer a particularly vulnerable point for attack by the enemies of Britain.

England, moreover, throughout the last fifty years has owned considerable interests in Egypt, and together with other European countries, notably France and Italy, has spent vast sums in developing the country both fro her own benefit and that of the native population. The construction of the Assuan Dam and of barrages on the Nile created perennial irrigation and added millions of acres to the cultivated areas; the condition of the people was immensely improved; slavery was abolished and the finances of the country, disordered by the Khedives, restored to prosperity-all this by the united efforts of European Powers, but particularly by the British.

From 1882 until the outbreak of War Egypt was under the joint control of Great Britain, represented by a Consul-General and a Sirdar, and of Turkey, represented by the Khedive. When Turkey entered the War on the side of Germany, Great Britain took immediate steps to protect her interests and those of her allies in Egypt, and to defend that region from aggression. Accordingly a British Protectorate over Egypt was declared on December 18, 1914. At the same time the Khedive was deposed and replaced by Prince Hussein, under the title of Sultan of Egypt. On the death of Hussein on October 9, 1917, the succession passed to his brother Ahmed Fuad, who, later on, under the Constitution of 1923, was styled "King of Egypt and the Sudan."

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