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State Secrets

State Secrets
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State Secrets

By Vicomte Leon de Poncins

A Documentation of the Secret Revolutionary Mainspring Governing Anglo-American Politics-how Freemasons, Zionists, Communists and their minions lead America toward total disaster.

In his two earlier books, "Judaism and the Vatican" and "Freemasonry and the Vatican", Count de Poncins dealt with the conspiracy behind Vatican Council II organized by those two formidable forces of spiritual subversion, and their relation to modern politics.

In this new work, the author has collected a unique selection of secret documents of State which unravel the kernel of the hidden mainspring governing the political evolution of the West from the time of the First World War.

What statesman, prior to World War I, foresaw the emergence of Israel, with all the upheavals that its presence betokens in the Middle East? Did anyone prophesy the demise of the British Empire, Germany, the Habsburgs, the collapse of the ancient Christian civilization of Europe, and the emergence of a new, purely materialistic order? Who could have believed that the vast Russian Empire would be transmuted into a violently bloodthirsty, anti-Christian Marxist dictatorship? Would anyone have seriously imagined that the Great Powers of the free West, and especially the USA, would actually betray their own Allies in the Second World War, in order to connive, if not worse, at the spread of Soviet Imperialism? Did anyone really think that the great industrial and military nations of the West would even hand over their technical secrets, retreat from their rule, and begin to disarm themselves in the face of the Red Army's stealthy advance across the world, as is happening today?

There is a James Bond ring about these world-shattering events. The whole political world order has been turned upside down in the first three-quarters of this century, and in the last quarter it is being remodeled according to a new and sinister pattern. For through all the chaos, the betrayals, the reversals, the ruins of Empires and States, there remains one political order throughout the world which continually emerges triumphant from this trail of dissolution.

STATE SECRETS penetrates to the heart of this colossal work of destruction. By reference to generally unknown documents of unimpeachable authenticity - Her Majesty's Stationery Office and the United States Government Printing Office, for example - the reader is made aware of the existence of another Power within the innermost sanctuaries of the Great Powers themselves. At crucial moments in history, this mysterious Power has been, and is, able to exercise adverse sway over decision at the highest leve, changing the destinies of entire nations, cynically betraying whole peoples into a cruel yoke of slavery.

STATE SECRETS will commend itself to all serious students of the very grave problem of subersion in international politics. In a subject which has become synonymous with deception, compromise and half-truth, the Count rigorously foucuses one's attention on established political facts of unquestionable authenticity and thereby provides the reader with a basis for balanced and informed judgement in an area of vital concern for all free peoples, and which the conspiracy of silence in favour of the rise of Communism in the West has endeavoured to suppress from public view.

191 pages
Paper bound

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