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Stargate Chronicles - Memoirs of a Psychic Spy

Stargate Chronicles - Memoirs of a Psychic Spy
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The Stargate Chronicles
Memoirs of a Psychic Spy

by Joseph McMoneagle

McMoneagle's fourth book provides a timely and fascinating look at a reality few outsiders have ever seen, a scenario in which military psychics were trained and used for counterintelligence--sometimes involving life-and death decisions--at the height of the Cold War.

Page 90
Early in the project we encountered a major glitch. An officer working in the Office of the Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence advised the assistant chief of staff for intelligence, Maj. Gen. Ed Thompson, that we were probably operating not in compliance with the directives regarding human use. Since the CIA's involvement in the early fifties with LSD experiments and mind control, all programs using people were sensitive to meeting certain human use requirements, and ensuring that all participants gave informed consent regarding their participation. We all had to fill out a pile of forms, which were forwarded, along with a classified request, to operate the project up through the system to the Army's surgeon general. May felt that the requirment was stupid and time-consuming, but I didn't. It was clear tome from the problems that I was having in adjusting to some of the experiences that someone less stable might slip over the edge. So we stopped practicing for almost two months while they processed the paperwork. I found out much later that the science side of the project actually took it a lot more seriously out at SRI. They would actually establish a human use oversight committee to maintain vigilance over their experiments and methods--something never done on the military side.

Before, there had been some hilarious events during our practice trials at Fort Meade. Acting as an outbounder for one of the other viewers, I drew as a target a small tourist gift shop on one of the main highways leading to Washington, D.C. When I got there, the instructions said to spend fifteen to twenty minutes looking at the gifts and then report back, which I did. I did not know that the owner, who was sitting in a rear office, had been watching me on a security monitor system. When I got back, Fred, the viewer, and I loaded into the car for our return visit which was the feedback portion of the remote viewing exercise. We all descended on the gift shop, moving among the aisles examining things, but of course not buying. The owner, still in his office, noticed that I had returned and this time had brought friends. Feeling that his place was being "cased or targeted," he called the local police. When the police car pulled up outside, the remote viewer and monitor immediately left the store without notifying me. I was "apprehended" and questioned.

"What are you doing? Where are your buddies? Why are you casing this store?"

I had to think fast.

I laughed and said that I was a consultant working for a production unit out of Los Angeles. They used me to search out possible shooting locations for scripts they were considering.

The owner beamed at the possibility that his store might be considered for a scene in a movie. He quickly dismissed the police, saying that he had made a mistake. I spent nearly an hour in the owner's office drinking coffee with him and talking about the script and what might be needed. I left him with a promise to send him my card and information on the movie should they decide to shoot it in the Maryland area.

When I got back to the office, everyone laughed about what happened. In truth, it was a difficult situation, and one that I might not have been able to talk my way out of.

On another occasion, the outbounder for one of the military viewers was a woman. The specific target selected was a restaurant with a peculiar facade. What we didn't know, but probably should have, was that it was also well known to the police as a location where prostitutes sold their wares. After standing on the corner for approximately twenty minutes, she was "apprehended" and hassled by a couple of officers doing their duty. She returned to the office absolutely mortified. Needless to say, there was no direct feedback for that viewer.

End Excerpt.

Hardbound, 5.7 x 8.8, 368 pages

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