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Sex in the Sticks

Sex in the Sticks
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Sex in the Sticks

Patrick Murry

They took turns carrying the tent which sheltered them at night. Although it was the lightest model available that would shelter three, its eight pounds made a considerable difference after a few hours on the trail.

The following novella is a work of fantasy and fiction. Scenes described are for the imagination and fantasy of the reader. In real life some scenes might be illegal if performed. This book is intended for the adult book connoisseur, who can fly into a fantasy world of sexual wonders and delights without hesitation, without immaturity, without prudishness, and without inhibitions of the mind. Such books and topics can be healthy, allowing one to escape for a few hours, the demands and stresses of the modern world on our health, minds, and bodies. You must be 18 or older in the USA to purchase this book.



Chapter One

"Are they still back there?"

"Think so. I saw something moving down that ridge a few minutes ago. Looks like they might be gaining on us a little."

"Maybe I'll take the Big Horn cutoff -- it's less than a mile up the trail. We'll see what happens after that."

Gina Bellardi did not join in this conversation between her two companions, though she listened closely enough. She could not decide whether Pam and Ellen wanted the boys behind them to catch up with them or not. She knew her own mind well enough: she had come into the national forest for two weeks of backpacking and mountaineering and she would have been perfectly happy if they had seen no boys at all during the entire trip. They had been on the trail for only two days and already both Pam and Ellen were acting suspiciously like a pair of horny spinsters.

"They'll probably turn off and go up to Big Horn," Pam said as they toiled along the rough trail. "That's where most of the hikers go."

"Hey, you remember that waterfall and pool about a half-mile beyond the cutoff?" Ellen asked. "I'm already thinking about that -- when we get there I'm going to strip and stay in there for about an hour!"

"Yeah, I remember it," Pam replied. "And I'm up for that too. How about you, Gina? Ready for a dip? It'll be great after heaving and sweating for two days."

"I think that would be beautiful," Gina said, trying to put the boys out of her mind.

"Say, what's wrong with you?" Ellen asked, lagging back a moment to fall into step beside Gina. "You've been quiet as a mouse all day. Still shook up over that Willie?"

"No, I don't think so," Gina replied. "Or maybe it's that, I'm not really sure. I know that I've been having trouble all morning -- this is a rough trail. And I'm carrying the tent today, don't forget."

They took turns carrying the tent which sheltered them at night. Although it was the lightest model available that would shelter three, its eight pounds made a considerable difference after a few hours on the trail. Actually, as Gina admitted to herself, she had been thinking about Willie, her ex-boyfriend. A tall, handsome youth of twenty, the very epitome of almost everything she had been taught to look for in a boyfriend, he had gone with her for three months and, at least for the first two of those months, had provided her with more happy moments than she had ever known before. As Ellen stepped out ahead, leaving her to herself, Gina's mind wandered back to her last date with Willie.

"Aw, come on, do it to me," Willie said, trying to press her face down onto his cock. "A little head won't hurt you!"

"I'm scared to do it!" she protested. "Isn't it enough that I let you... well, **** me? Can't you be satisfied with that? Willie, I love you, really I do, but that... it just seems so awful!"

Even now the memory of those few times -- six in all -- that he had come over her, fitting that incomparably beautiful body of his between her thighs and guiding that tremendously long, hard **** into the lips of her **** had the power to make her knees weak and her head dizzy. A tall, lithe brunette with a pair of firmly rising **** that attracted the eye of nearly every man, Gina had a sultry, sensuous look which would not have been out of place on a Hollywood sex queen. More than one man had been attracted by her looks, only to be turned off by her fear of letting herself go: Gina's behavior, in striking contrast to her looks, would have done credit to a New England spinster of eighty.

It had required every one of Willie's many talents to get her into bed with him, and even then she submitted only after she had become almost delirious with desire. She loved him too much to forbid him the caresses which fired her body with desire and, once she had reached that state, she could not prevent him from possessing her completely. In spite of her ardent response -- and once she had gotten his prick inside her body the fervent way in which she had snapped her hips up and down had surprised even Willie -- she never lost control of herself to the extent that she would engage in some of the practices he most wanted. In particular, he wanted her to take his **** in her mouth and this she would not do under any circumstances. He wanted her to talk about her desires, using the frankest, bawdiest language -- she knew all the words but believed that "a lady" did not use such language -- but she would do so only after considerable coaxing and when her body was trembling with desire.

"Come on, give it a suck," Willie said on that last night. "Hell, it isn't so much. Christ, even Sharon gives ****!"

"Sharon?" Gina asked, slowly realizing that Sharon had lived in the city for only a month. "How do you know that about Sharon?"

Willie's evasive answer had aroused her curiosity further and, in the course of a discussion which had finally turned into an argument, he admitted that he had visited the girl in her apartment several times. He attempted to justify this by pointing out that the girl had no compunctions about servicing his desires in whatever way he chose, a justification which Gina saw as more of a condemnation of them both. The evening had ended with her getting out of Willie's bed, tearful and reproachful, and walking home by herself. Each time she relived that terrible evening she asked herself if she could possibly have done anything differently.

How could you possibly have done that to him? she asked herself as she trudged along behind Ellen and Pam. Ugghh! To behave like a common whore? If he wanted you to do that then he surely wasn't the man you thought he was! No, Gina, you did exactly right!

224 pages decorated with risque vintage photographs and artwork
5.25x8.00 paperback

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