Historical Reprints Philosophical Sex Morality : Past, Present, and Future

Sex Morality : Past, Present, and Future

Sex Morality : Past, Present, and Future
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Sex Morality:
Past, Present, and Future

by William J. Robinson, M.D.

This thesis on sexual morality was originally published in 1919 at the beginning of the sexual revolution of the 'Roaring Twenties'. It was a medical and scholarly look at both sides of the Sexual Morality issue. Excellent research material.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

"In the matter of public writing and speaking I listen to no remonstrance, I acknowledge no decision, save that of the divine monitor within me. My conscience is my adviser, my audience and my judge. It bids me write and speak as I write and speak, without evasion, without disguise; it bids me to go on as I have begun, whatever the result may be. If my opinions should be condemned, without a single exception, by every one of my readers, it will not make me regret having expressed them, and it will not prevent me from expressing them again. It is my earnest and sincere conviction that those opinions are not only true, but also that they tend to elevate and purify the mind. One thing, at all events, I know: that it has done me good to write this essay; and therefore I do not think that it can injure those by whom it will be read."


The strict ideal of monogamy, I said, is not applicable to all mankind. Antenuptially, for instance, it is becoming more and more difficult to live up to that ideal. It is even questionable if, with the late marriages, it is desirable that men should live up to it. And to preach at men, to insist that they should remain chaste until their marriage, when that marriage takes place when they are thirty or thirty-five years old or even older, is absurd. I am not sure that such preaching may not even be designated as criminal. For if people really followed the advice of our moral preachers, the results would in many cases prove disastrous. And I repeat what I said so many times before: an impotent man is a more pitiable man than a venereally infected man.

So much for the unmarried man, the bachelor. We now come to the married man. To even venture to suggest that strict monogamy is not applicable, suitable, healthy or even possible for all men, is a risky undertaking indeed. You run the risk not only of being branded as immoral and depraved by the ignorant and well-meaning fools, who do not know, and do not wish to learn, the difference between the discussion of a thing and its advocacy, but you run a greater risk: you run the risk of having your work, to which you have given your best and most earnest thought, declared obscene and unmailable by our ignorant and autocratic obscurantist censors, who do not know the difference between obscenity and a high class scientific discussion of a sexual subject.

Paperback, 5 x 8, 110+ pages

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