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Secret of the Zodiac

Secret of the Zodiac
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Author Name Nesta Webster Julian Sterne


The Secret of the Zodiac

By Julian Sterne
(aka Nesta H. Webster)

An exciting novel, based on true facts and information, of intrigue and the struggle between the unseen forces that work behind the scenes and the fighters for freedom in all lands. The timeless vying for survival and supremacy among men.


As a result of this initiation, Countess Zapraksy went on to say, she was admitted into the inner circle of that ancient fraternity which had existed from the very beginning of time, though shrouded throughout the ages in secrecy and silence. In consequence, marvelous powers were conferred on her, and it was her one desire to use them in the service of humanity. Of course she could not disclose to them the secret of these powers, since that was a matter of long and strenuous initiation, and on that point her lips were sealed, but she would explain to them how by simple processes they could learn to develop certain latent faculties to a surprising degree.

Kavanaugh listened bewildered, whilst she described a system of deep breathing to be practiced daily at the open window facing east, with one hand placed on the crown of the head in contact with the pineal gland, which was the seat of man's undeveloped powers. Then there were various formulae to be repeated, hours to be spent in meditation, animal food to be abjured, and pulse preferred as a staple article of diet. It was also highly desirable to wear a string of blue glass beads round one's waist, next to the skin - but they must be blue, no other colour would have the same effect of charging the solar plexus with magnetic force.

The body of adepts of the New Psychism, thus fortified, would be able to exercise an immense influence on the destinies of the human race, not only in the sphere of scientific and intellectual progress, but in the realm of politics, for they alone would be able to present an obstacle to the tide of Bolshevism that threatened to engulf the world.

End excerpt.

Softbound, 163 pages

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