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Secret Life of Paul Villa

Secret Life of Paul Villa
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Secret Life
of Paul Villa

Col Wendelle Stevens

Very little has ever been written about Apolinar Villa and his remarkable long term ongoing UFO contacts with alien extraterrestrial human beings and his several remarkable series of photographs of the posed alien ships.



His contacts began, like most others, with sightings, then an awareness of their presence when they were here. This eventually developed into face-to-face contact and personal interaction with them, the extraterrestrials.

When they invited him to bring his camera, a simple Japanese 120 box version, they flew their ships slowly, hovered, and posed the craft for good pictures, which he did get in series and sequence. Handicapped by a slow shutter speed and a simple low resolution lens, he nevertheless managed to get a number of excellent color photographs.

Coming shortly after George Adamski, he was attacked by the usual debunkers, simply because he got some unwanted attention. He, like many others, before and since, decided he did not need uninformed, self-styled experts to tell him what was true or not, because he already had his own truths, implicitly valid in his own mind and memory, and in the photographs he had taken, and simply did not care what the debunkers under active minds told them about his case.

Paul Villa sought no attention and tried his best to keep a low profile, and his business to himself. He was not too successful at this, how-ever, because he had to move twice to escape his unwelcome followers.

The only publication in any depth at all on this case, was done by Gabriel Green in his UFO INTERNATIONAL Journal, Number 23 for October 1965.

This then is a summary of what we do know about this truly enigmatic man, and his contribution to the lore of the UFO phenomenon.

If anybody can put me in touch with Eunis Villa, I shall be forever grateful and more of this fantastic story may then be told.


I first heard of Apolinar Villa and his contacts in the early 1960s and obtaining his address at Los Lunas, New Mexico from Gabriel Green, went to see him personally. I found an affable American Indian/Spaniard man, proud of his heritage, married to a German War Bride, Eunis, from his service in our occupation forces after World War II.

They had moved from Los Angeles. California to New Mexico following the brief publication of his story by Gabriel Green in his UFO INTERNATIONAL journal, with his first set of actual UFO photographs of the alien extraterrestrial vehicles, originally taken with a 120 box camera, then owned by Apolinar and his wife Eunis at the time this all started.

With that story, the UFO fans began looking for Paul Villa for more information and to get copies of his great photographs. the best ever up to that time, for themselves. The attention bothered Paul so much, and took up so much of his time, that it began to affect his job. He quit that work and moved away, leaving no forwarding address. People who found him, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, took things for souvenirs, which infuriated him, and he took his wife and son and moved again to an obscure small town in the remote desert south of Albuquerque.

130+ pages & 22 color plates- 10¾ x 8¼ softcover

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