TGS Authors David R. Clearwaters Saving Safona: Fourth Book In The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight

Saving Safona: Fourth Book In The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight

Saving Safona: Fourth Book In The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight
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Saving Safona

The Fourth Book In
The Universal Tales
of Isaac Midnight

David R. Clearwaters

The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight are reflections of spiritual situations here on earth and Saving Safona is no exception. Similar to the first Planetary Prince defaulting on this world, Safona's Prince has deluded himself into serious error affecting the diverse mortals under his guidance. In this case, his superiors were not the ones to mislead him such as Satan; Lucifer's associate did this world's Planetary Prince. Safona's Planetary Prince did all by himself.



Isaac Midnight is a fictional character portraying that which is the best within us. He is joined by biologically older truth seekers from other worlds, some of which helped raise him, to form a cadre of universal trouble shooters.

All members of this special band have had pasts that indicated either their involvement with an off world emergency experience, or had shown outstanding steadfast service in the face of default without any external supernatural support except their inner faith.

Common, is their loyal involvement and physical participation with the spiritual ministers that serve their mortal charges throughout their earlier struggles and continuing to assist each during their long universe careers.

As mortals progress through time and space, the attributes and abilities they have garnered remain as useful tools for advanced service as they continue to ascend.

The team included "planet jumpers", individuals who had willingly experienced interplanetary travel while still mortals in their initial biological forms.

Normally, this phenomenon does not happen. Only under extenuating circumstances, a planet's impending dissolution or a universal problem, do such unprecedented actions take place.

This extenuating service by no means precludes or circumvents their conventional path of ascension.

It is difficult for me to remember how things were back then. It seems now like a dim and distant dream of a life that could have been someone else's.

Excepting my initial stage of nativity where I could only see material things, as I progressed upwards in my universal career, angels, cherubims, sanobims, seraphims, and countless other celestial beings have been increasingly visible to me. In fact, I have served on many missions, 'working' as play with many of them. That is not to say I haven't had the wonderful distinction of actually being invited to share in the games of angels.

On some spiritual missions, given only mortal eyes to see with, these super mortal helpers are invisible, but I know they are there, just outside my physical range of vision. Their gentle influences can still be felt in my temporary form and the help they offer is essential when undertaking such tasks as being interjected into an alien culture to alleviate some drastic planetary calamity.

How can a planet's total population be lost? Not just a cultural shift, or the extermination of a race or two; but all higher taxonomic groups capable of mortal decisions, drifting away, misled beyond angelic help. Is such a monumental loss possible in a universe governed by love and filled with compassionate spiritual benefactors? What evil influence could cause such a catastrophe? Or was this a case of over conscientiousness? Is it possible for good intentions to be carried out past the intentional good towards unmitigated error?

When one advances spiritually it is inevitable that more and more responsibilities are mastered. One cannot be obtained without the other. This increase in obligation requires more reliance on spirit guidance and sustenance for the successful handling of increasingly difficult assignments.

The result of this greater spiritual trust is like a pinnacle rising higher and higher with less and less visible support. Like any sound structure, a good solid foundation is essential. If the basics are not kept in mind during the ascent, the heady heights can obscure instead of increase clear vision. Such was the case with the so called 'upper' Safona kingdom.

220+pages - 8¼ x 6¾ softcover

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