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Sakmhaiel : A Soul of the Heavens

Sakmhaiel : A Soul of the Heavens
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A Soul
of the

By Etha Gray

MANY OF THE PEOPLE who have had occasion to read this, after the first publication, have all asked the same questions. "What philosophy are you advocating? Where did you get your information? What qualifies you to write such a book?"


I HAVE STRONGLY AND deeply contemplated the answer to those questions. I have searched my heart for some deep, profound, astonishing, answer. Unfortunately, I could not find a phrase which would 'tickle the palates' of learned men and women, to make this work more appealing to their taste.

I MIGHT ADD, that I am not a psychic. I do not read futures, or any of the other things, which dedicated workers in that field, adhere to. Theirs is a special gift. I possess none.THIS MAY SEEM strange, because philosophers should stand ever ready to defend his/her views on any particular work, which he/she accomplishes. I understand this, and even applaud their loyalty to their works, but I am not a philosopher.

THE DIFFICULTY FOR me, comes from the fact that I do not feel this work need a defense. If a reader finds a truth, which he is seeking, let that be this works defense.I LAY NO CLAIM, nor do I seek credit for what is contained herein, and it is in no way a commentary on my knowledge of the esoteric. I will, and do, however, give credit to the Angels of Light, who minister to the Supreme Being. For they most certainly were, and are, by my side.

It matters not that you agree or disagree. However, it is hoped that the reader will be inspired to launch his or her own investigation into what is contained herein, whether to prove or disprove. And perhaps you will find, as the French archeologists found when they set out to disprove the theories of the Dogon people of Africa.

The Dogon knowledge of the universe, especially the Sirius Star system, was so complete and thorough, that it could not be believed. Giraule and his partner set out to disprove their knowledge, and instead, proved all they had been told. It was proven that their knowledge is found to extend into Greece and Rome, and that they, too, share many of the same myths found in Africa. The Dogon is now the most studied Tribe in Africa. Perhaps the reader of this, would also do well to study the Dogon people.

There is a book written by Robert Temple, titled the Sirius Mystery, and I highly recommend it to serious readers; as well as the series of books written by Zecharia Sitchin, called The Earth Chronicles. For novice searchers of Ancient History, I highly recommend "Genesis Revisited" by Mr. Sitchin. The findings by both writers might well surprise you. My ultimate wish is to sit in company with both of them, and share information.

SOUL OF THE HEAVENS is not intended as anything more than interesting reading. It offers to the reader, only that which he or she is able to perceive. However, should you question the contents herein, I hope that your questions stem from your own free thinking process, and not because you have been brainwashed into an ages old mindset. I want only that you remember: A closed mind and heart, receives no information. A solid thing receives no light from without its boundaries. Only a heart laid open can receive the light of the Christ. "---A broken and contrite heart, oh God, thou wilt not despise."

As stated previously, I make no claims. I offer no explanations, nor do I offer any apologies for anything contained herein. I merely offer it for your reading enjoyment. I also offer you Peace and Love, in the name of the Christ.

Softcover, 5" x 8", 150+ pages


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