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SEX : Avoided Subjects Discussed

SEX : Avoided Subjects Discussed
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Avoided Subjects Discussed
In Plain English

Henry Stanton

This little reprint may be a walk down memory lane for many of us, when our parents left 'right' sex education books in our paths to view, rather than doing the 'birds and bees' speech. Such tactics may be needed once again, instead of letting television and video games teach 'sex' to our children.


The average man, woman and child should know the essential sex facts in order to be able to deal with the sex problems of life. Of late years there has been a greater diffusion of such knowledge. To a large extent, however, children and adolescents are still taught to look on all that pertains to sex as something shameful and immodest, something not to be discussed. Sex is an "Avoided Subject."

This is fundamentally wrong. Sex affects the very root of all human life. Its activities are not obscene, but Nature's own means to certain legitimate ends. The sex functions, when properly controlled and led into the proper channels, are a most essential and legitimate form of physical self-expression. The veil of secrecy with which they are so often shrouded tends to create an altogether false impression regarding them. This discussion of these "Avoided Subjects," in "Plain English," is intended to give the salient facts regarding sex in a direct, straightforward manner, bearing in mind the true purpose of normal sex activities.

The more we know of the facts of sex, the right and normal part sex activities play in life, and all that tends to abuse and degrade them, the better able we will be to make sex a factor for happiness in our own lives and that of our descendants. Mankind, for its own general good, must desire that reproduction-the real purpose of every sexual function-occur in such a way as to perpetuate its own best physical and mental qualities.


Chapter I Sex
The Law Of Physical Life
The Ladder Of Organic Ascent
The True Mission Of Sex

Chapter II The Transition From Cell To Human Being
Determination Of Sex
Early Development
The Embryo
The Foetus
Placenta And Umbilical Cord
Childbirth Or Parturition
Twilight Sleep
The New-Born Infant
The Engram

Chapter III Sex In Male Childhood
Sex Precautions In Infancy
Early Sex Impressions
Evil Communications
Natural Causes Of Infant Sexual Precocity
What Fathers Should Do For Their Boys

Chapter IV Sex In Female Childhood
Sex Precocity In Girls
Sexual Self-Abuse In Girls
Results Of Self-Abuse In Girls
Pruritis And Feminine Nocturnal Emissions
What Mothers Should Do For Their Girls

Chapter V Sex In The Adolescent Male
The Signs And Changes Of Puberty
The Sexual Moral Law
The Male Adolescent And Continence
Why Young Men Go Wrong
Free Love

Chapter VI Sex In The Adolescent Female
The Signs And Changes Of Puberty
Hints For Observance During Menstruation
Continence And The Young Adolescent Girl
Why Young Girls Fall
Modern Conditions Which Encourage Immorality

Chapter VII Sex In The Marriage Relation
The Husband
The Marriageable Age And Adaptation
Men Who Should Not Marry
Medical Examination Before Marriage

Chapter VIII Sex In The Marriage Relation
The Wife
Before Marriage
The Wife And Her Position
Childbirth Hygiene
How Often Should Childbirth Take Place?
Matrimonial Adjustment
The Ideal Marriage
Birth Control

Chapter IX Sex Diseases
The Soft Chancre
Venereal Disease An Advocate Of Continence

Chapter X Love and Sex

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 80+ pages

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