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The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression,
Warfare and Social Violence, in The Deserts of The Old World

by James DeMeo

Dr. DeMeo's long-awaited book on the origins of human armoring: the first geographical, cross-cultural study of human behavior around the world using Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic discoveries as a basic starting point, and presenting world maps of different social institutions. Source-regions and migratory diffusion patterns were traced, back in time, to pinpoint where and how the human tragedy began. A breakthrough in the scientific study of human psychology and anthropology, and must-reading for every parent, student, professor and clinical worker in the field of human health and behavior.

Ancient Humans Were Peaceful; Modern Violence is Avoidable.

The Revolutionary Discovery of a Geographical Basis to Human Behavior. The First Geographical Cross-Cultural Anthropological, Archaeological and Historical Survey of Human Family and Social Institutions.

SAHARASIA: A controversial "Marriage of Heresies" over 10 years in the making, will change forever your way of looking at the world, your home culture, and current events.

Saharasia Proves:

  • The scientific validity of Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic theory of human behavior, through clear and concise cross-cultural testing and verification.

  • The existence of a world-wide period of peaceful human social conditions where archaeology has no clear evidence for warfare or social violence.

  • A devastating climate change at c.4000-3500 BCE converted vast areas of Arabia and Central Asia from lush grassland-forest into dry desert conditions, with a spreading of arid conditions across North Africa to create the vast Sahara Desert, and into the Middle East and Central Asia to create the vast interconnected desert belt: SAHARASIA.

  • The destruction of numerous peaceful and technologically developed cultural groups and city-states in the Old World by widespread and enduring drought and desert expansion, which left terrible famine, starvation and emotionally traumatic conditions in its wake.

  • The loss of age-old gentle and loving forms of child-rearing and male-female relations in the remnants of surviving cultures, with subsequent development of patriarchal authoritarian, and violent, warlike conditions.

  • The stimulation of massive waves of land-abandonment and out-migrations from the dried up areas in great diasporas from Arabia and Central Asia. Over the centuries, peoples from Arabia and Central Asia spread their drought-learned patristic and armored way of life through conquest and invasion, dramatically affecting the histories and current events of Europe, Africa, India, China, Japan and other world regions.

  • Kingly-warrior central states of Saharasia progressively spread their child-abusive! , sex-repressive and violent social institutions over the Old World, and even into the islands of Oceania and parts of the New World, by way of ocean-navigating voyages pre-dating Columbus by hundreds or thousands of years.

Over 450 pages with dozens of maps, photos, and illustrations, with full bibliography and comprehensive index.

8 1/2 x 11, softbound

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