TGS Authors W.T. Samsel Robocops: Charlie Danger Book 4

Robocops: Charlie Danger Book 4

Robocops: Charlie Danger Book 4
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Author Name W. T. Samsel, (William T. Samsel)
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Book Four
Charlie Danger: Private Detective

W. T. Samsel

Get this an' get it straight! Your government couldn't care less about your rights or the rule of law! They're in cahoots with the globalist bankers and the international corporations and they do whatever they want, anywhere they want, to anybody they want and they'll break every law in the book to get it done!

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I ought to know . . . I'm Charlie Danger!

I got dragged into this dog an' pony show one day when a gorgeous dame waltzed into my office spoutin' some crazy story about the biggest financial heist in the history of mankind and how the federal government was in on the deal.

It sounded like a load of crap to me an' I could've sent her on her way right then and there, but I didn't. Somethin' about her big, blue-green eyes, her full, inviting lips, the sensuous curves of her body got to me an' the next thing I knew, I was takin' on the case!

I guess you could say I took the red pill.

Suddenly, I found myself in a whole other world I never realized existed before! Suddenly black was white, up was down and inside was out! I woke up from a dream and found myself in a nightmare! I put on the sunglasses and could see right through the matrix and the monsters that control it!

Today I'm on the run from the Feds an' I can't even show my face in public for fear of havin' to take up permanent residence at Gitmo! That goes for the gorgeous dame too! Better known as Calamity Jane, she's been my constant companion through all of this insanity. Together, along with my other associates, Shurelock Homes, Charlie Chan, Willie Phleye, Heimey Lippshitz and Lassie, the wonder dog, we fight a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!

My associates an' I had put the kabosh on Totenkopfh and Mariachi and their diabolical contraptions. We commandeered the derivative dirigible, and turned creation upon creator! In a last ditch effort at revenge, Mariachi activated the dirigible's self-destruct mechanism . . . a small, thermonuclear device! He figured that in blowing up the blimp, the town and everybody in it, that he'd blow up yours truly and company as well! If you did the book, you know the story cut off at the countdown to the big explosion. It was a perfect example of the classic cliffhanger.

Well, here's the low-down on what took place . . .

The small, thermonuclear device failed to detonate. Homes had anticipated the Professor's desperate move and disarmed the self-destruct mechanism! Instead of blowing up, the derivative dirigible simply sucked up all of the Professor's funding until his entire operation was completely out of business! I assume the slithery snake an' his sexless secretary simply slipped away somewhere and surely, they would show up again to wreak havoc at some point in the future.

136 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover

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