Historical Reprints Religion Psycho-Phone Messages (Extra Large Print Adobe PDF Edition)

Psycho-Phone Messages (Extra Large Print Adobe PDF Edition)

Psycho-Phone Messages (Extra Large Print Adobe PDF Edition)
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Psycho-Phone Messages

Extra Large Print PDF Edition
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Francis Grierson

The word "psycho-phone" was first suggested and used by Mr. Francis Grierson in a lecture I heard him deliver before the Toronto Theosophical Society, August 31st, 1919, a year before Thomas Edison announced his intention of devising an instrument which he hopes will serve to establish intercourse between our world and the world of spirit.

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My own experiences as a student in this sphere of psychic research in Europe and America, covering a period of thirty years, convince me that we have here a revelation of a new mode of spiritual communication unlike anything heretofore given to the world, not only different in quality but different in purpose.

From personal knowledge I can state that the recorder of these messages has not acted on ideas advanced by anyone living on our plane.

Looking back over the past two decades, I am led to believe that Mr. Grierson's predictions in "The Invincible Alliance," and in that startling poem, "The Awakening in Westminster Abbey," forecasting the war and the tragic events in Ireland, were spiritual and psycho-phonic in character.

From 1909 to 1911 Francis Grierson was the acknowledged leading writer on "The New Age," of London, which at that time had as contributors, H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw, Arnold Bennett, the two Chestertons, Hillaire Belloc-in one word, all the most prominent writers and advanced thinkers in Britain, yet not one of them except Mr. Grierson could see the approaching world upheaval.

Early in 1909 he published a series of articles in that weekly depicting the coming war, and nothing of so drastic a nature had ever appeared in an English publication. In the spring of 1913 these articles were published in book form in London and New York under the title of "The Invincible Alliance."

In the Westminster Abbey composition, published in "The New Age" in 1910, the characteristics of four personalities are plainly manifest-Coleridge, Milton, Shelley and Shakespeare-and I have not forgotten the sensation caused by this great work in London at the time of its appearance.

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ISBN-10: 1610337808
ISBN-13: 9781610337809

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