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Private Sea, The - The Forbidden Knowledge Series

Private Sea, The - The Forbidden Knowledge Series
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The Private Sea

Forbidden Knowledge Series
William Braden

The Pearl of Great Price

At a party in Chicago, a young man under the influence of LSD seized a live kitten and ate it. Later, in an effort to explain his action, he said he had felt an urgent need to experience everything.

The story is revolting, of course, and possibly apocryphal; but the incident is by no means improbable, and it does make the point -- that LSD is powerful medicine, and that the consequences of its use are often bizarre and terrifying. While it now appears that health authorities have exaggerated the threat of self-destruction or mental breakdown, the fact remains that LSD is dangerous. The nature of the danger, however, may be other than is commonly supposed, and it is possible the alarmists are not nearly as alarmed as they should be.

Almost anything may happen when LSD produces the negative reaction that inner-space voyagers refer to as a ̉bad trip,Ó and such a reaction is by no means uncommon; but LSD also can result in a good trip, which is more to the point, and the good trip may in the long run have graver consequences than the bad. Indeed, there are implications in the use of LSD which are far more disturbing perhaps than an occasional suicide or psychosis.

Assume just for a moment that LSD's cultists are actually doing what they suppose they are doing. If you can take their own word for it, they have been tinkering with the gears of the universe. They have rushed in where Sigmund Freud feared to tread, invading a region of the human psyche from which the father of psychoanalysis recoiled in horror. They have penetrated a realm of Egyptian darkness -- courageously, perhaps, or recklessly it may be -- and in doing so they have raised fundamental questions about man and God. Whatever the answers, the questions are valid. They are not new questions but very old ones, and some have their roots in a philosophical tradition which predates Western civilization. LSD has merely given them a renewed emphasis.

Moreover, the LSD cults are not an isolated phenomenon. There is some evidence that they represent only one aspect of a psychic revolt whose manifestations can be detected today in the areas of theology, psychology, and ethics. For example, the cults appear to have a relationship to the radical New Theology, and especially to the ultra-radical Death of God theology. In essence, the LSD cultists are saying the same thing that some of the Death of God prophets have said.

From one point of view, LSD presents the orthodox church with a challenge more awesome than the Turk and the comet -- from which, good Lord, deliver us. It casts doubt on the validity of religious experience as a whole, suggesting that the mystical awareness of God is nothing more than chemistry -- and therefore a delusion. From another point of view, however, the drug raises just as many questions for the atheist as it does for the church. It challenges the scientist as well as the priest. And some of its more extravagant enthusiasts believe it will lead the way to a rebirth of the spirit -- to a new Age of Faith in which man's soul in the twentieth century will win an ultimate victory over materialism and a skeptical science.

CONTENTS. Chapter 01-The Pearl of Great Price.

Chapter 02-Through Psychedelic Eyes.

Chapter 03-Chemistry and Mysticism.

Chapter 04-The Sound of One Hand Clapping.

Chapter 05-The God of the East.

Chapter 06-The Dome of Many-Colored Glass.

Chapter 07-Yankee Hindoos.

Chapter 08-The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

Chapter 09-The New Theology.

Chapter 10-The Death of God.

Chapter 11-Humanistic Psychology.

Chapter 12-The Jordan and the Ganges.

Chapter 13-OM or Omega?.

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 195+ pages

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