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Practical Magic of Numerology

Practical Magic of Numerology
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The Practical Magic of Numerology
A new approach to this old-age science
guiding you through your own journey

by Beryl Saunders

The first book to address the magic of Numerology in such a practical way- guiding the reader to build their own Personal Life Profile.

This book bridges the gap for the reader- enabling them to transform their Numbers of Birth and their Names into a useful tool for everyday life.

BERYL has always had a special interest in things of a metaphysical nature and her introduction to the metaphysical science of Numerology was no exception.

Since spending her early childhood in an orphanage in New South Wales, where she learnt of life's fears and injustices and learnt to recognize herself as a total misfit, she has sought alternatives to this conditioning.

After 20 years of marriage, Beryl became involved in community work which introduced her to a variety of lifestyles and experiences, opening her awareness of "what is."

Her position as a Youth Worker in a top security training school for young people followed where she found her perception of Numerology to be a great asset in understanding the behavior of the individual- behavior which resulted in institutionalization.

Beryl's later position as a Houseparent with emotionally disturbed young people reinforced for her the need to understand the behavior of the individual before change can be introduced and affected.

Understanding our own Numerology is invaluable. Beryl has two children and six grandchildren and now lives on the Gold Coast where she pursues her interests in all forms of natural health therapies and environmental issues and is available for personal Numerology readings.

Excerpt from the Magic of Numerology:

Part One of this workbook looks at our journey on Planet Earth- our PATH OF DESTINY, (LIFE PATH) and the various stages of life we experience throughout, along with the influence our DAY NUMBER places on the whole scenario of life.

Our DAY of Birth, our MONTH of Birth and our YEAR of Birth, supply the basis of our journey and the definition of these NUMBERS never change, though they encompass a much broader view than I've given. In fact, our choices are endless. We need to observe and feel each Number's vibration to become familiar with them, for they will always be there to be taken advantage of. Observe how we approach a situation. Are we positive or negative in our approach? This observation helps us to understand our numerology, and particularly our own NATURE (DAY NUMBER).

We are all searching for freedom- freedom from whatever it is that constricts us.

We look first outside our SELF, our EXTERNAL WORLD for answers- our CYCLES, PYRAMIDS, CHALLENGES and PERSONAL YEARS AND MONTHS. Eventually, we turn inwards, recognizing that our sense of freedom comes from our INNER SELF, and we look to our NAMES for our answers.

So for those of us still searching outwards for clues to living and understanding our journey, focus on Part One with an open mind, TEST IT OUT. View Part One as serious fun- YES, FUN. Don't allow the seriousness of the exercises put us off. Deal with one section at a time and compare notes with others. Past conditioning anchors a limited point of view, locking in our fears. We need to expand on this view; releasing fears that keep us locked in our past.

Softbound, 6x9, 80 pages

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