Lost History Pirates & The Lost Templar Fleet

Pirates & The Lost Templar Fleet

Pirates & The Lost Templar Fleet
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Pirates & The Lost Templar Fleet
The Secret Naval War
Between the Knights Templar & the Vatican

by David Hatcher Childress

When the Templars were disbanded by papal order in 1307, their massive fleet disappeared from its base at La Rochelle. What became of the ships and the famous treasure of the Templars? Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress maintains that a portion of the fleet became the first pirates to fly the Skull and Crossbones - marauding through the Mediterranean, and later preying on the ships of the Vatican coming from the rich ports of the Americas as the Pirates of the Caribbean. Another portion of the fleet fled to the deep fiords of Scotland and came under the command of the St. Clair family of Rosslyn - the founders of Freemasonry. These Templars made a voyage to Canada in the year 1398 AD, nearly 100 years before he ever sailed?

Topics include:

  • 10,000 Years of Seafaring

  • A Secret Society of Navigators

  • King Solomon's Phoenician Navy

  • Phoenician Ports in Europe

  • The Knights Templar and their fleet

  • The Rivalry between the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar

  • The Suppression of the Templars

  • The Lost Templar Fleet and the Origins of the Pirates

  • Pirates and the War Against the Vatican

  • The Legends and Legacy of Pirates


Page 161

The Mystery of New Scotland and New Atlantis

Both Bradley and Sinclair claim that Canada was settled as a direct result of the Holy Grail being taken there. Sinclair and the Templars were attempting to create the prophesied "New Jerusalem" in the New World.

The French explorer and founder of the Quebec colony Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) was a secret agent for the Grail Dynasty, says Bradley, and the Grail was moved to Montreal just before Nova Scotia was attacked by the British Admiral Sedgewick in 1654. A mysterious secret society called the Compagnie du Saint Sacrement carried the Grail to Montreal. Its whereabouts today are unknown, according to Bradley.

The many indications that Montreal was purpose-built by the Templars to be their holy city is discussed in detail in Francine Bernier's book The Templars' Legacy in Montreal, the New Jerusalem.

The fascinating concept of the Knights Templar taking the Holy Grail to the New World in order to found the New Jerusalem takes us directly into Atlantis studies. It is possible that the exploits and aspirations of Prince Henry influenced Sir Francis Bacon who, around the year 1600, published his unfinished utopian romance entitled The New Atlantis.

End Excerpt.

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