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Philadelphia Experiment Murder

Philadelphia Experiment Murder
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The Philadelphia Experiment Murder

By Alexandra Bruce
with Peter Moon

A look at the covered-up murder of a US Navy worker becomes a probe of reality, itself. New evidence of a "real" Philadelphia Experiment, parallel Montauks and quantum consciousness lead to an interrogation of the very activity of belief.

Parallel Universes Beginning with rumors in 1943, the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment has now grown the point where it has captured the imagination of an entire generation. In decades past, science fiction pursued the cutting edge of consciousness with the quest to transcend the speed of light and engage the culture of outer space. Today, the Philadelphia Experiment has become humanity's prime example in the effort to understand how consciousness interfaces with the cold hard quantum facts of life.

It has long since been established by science that parallel universes exist. The problem has been that no one knows how to penetrate or experience them, save for the testimony of those who have been labeled insane. The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity brings an entirely new view to the horizon. Prompted by a thorough and vigorous investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Phil Schneider, parallel worlds come into focus through studying the nature of insanity, itself.

In past attempts to understand Einstein's Unified Field Theory, consciousness has too often been omitted in the equation, yet consciousness is the very reason for observing its existence. Now, consciousness leaks new clues to the mysteries of the Philadelphia Experiment through the martyring of one of its proponents.

    Table of Contents

    1 Phil Schneider's Death
    2 Who was Phil Schneider?
    3 The Truth
    4 The Documents
    5 Handwriting Analysis
    6 The Nazi Connection
    7 Underground
    8 The Pruitt Connection
    9 Reality
    10 Quantum Realities
    11 Quantum Montauks
    12 The New World Order
    13 The Physics of Insanity
    14 The "Real" Philadelphia Experiment
    15 Divided Space
    16 Coverup
    17 Atlantis
    18 The Reptoids
    19 Reality Check


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