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Palmistry Revealed

Palmistry Revealed
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Palmistry Revealed
A simple guide to unlocking the secrets of your hands

by Paul Fenton-Smith

The ancient science of palmistry has long fascinated those who seek to examine the past and discovered what the future holds. For answers to the questions we all have about life- from love, marriage and children to health, career and talents- we need look no further than the palm of our hands.

Palmistry Revealed

  • Shows how to unlock the secret of your hands

  • Examines the meanings behind the shapes of your hands and fingers

  • Details both the major and minor lines, including relationship and children lines

  • Teaches how to confirm past and predict the future

  • Explains how to give simple and comprehensive readings

Palmistry Revealed is an invaluable guide to interpreting the maps on your hands. Written in a clear and easy-to-follow style, it contains over 100 illustrations as well as numerous real-life examples to help you interpret your hands, and those of family and friends. Palmistry revealed also includes a detailed section on the mounts, an often neglected but important part of palmistry which further illuminated character traits. In a short time you can become a confident and accomplished palmist.

About the Author:
Paul Fenton-Smith is the founder of The Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney. He has studied and practiced the psychic sciences in Australia, Europe and the United States. In addition to his private practice and teaching commitments at the Academy, Paul is a columnist and conducts courses internationally.


The hand can be divided into three sections, each of which indicates how we approach life:

  1. From the base of the fingers to the fingertips, represents intellectual energy. This area is usually prominent in hands with long fingers and/or full, fleshy pads on the fingertips.

  2. Where the thumb leaves the hand to the base of the fingers represents emotional and social energy. Prominent social energy is shown by full, fleshy folds or mounts directly under the fingers.

  3. The lower part of the palm, from the wrist to where the thumb leaves the hand represent physical or motor energy. Prominence in this area is shown by full, fleshy pads or mounts below the thumb and across the base of the hand.

A quick look at people's hands can indicate where their energy is prominent or deficient. If they show prominent energy in the lower part of the palm, it is likely they tend towards sports and physical exercise. They often judge something by how they feel about it and what it feels like to touch. They may need to touch a person or thing to fully understand it. They are the type who, when pointing to an object inside a shop window or on a computer screen, must touch the window or screen. Theirs is a kinaesthetic approach to Life.

Those with prominent energy in the middle section tend to spend much of their time socializing or communicating with other. They often better suited to work involves people. When making an important decision, they are likely to take into account how others around them feel. If they work without other people around them, they often use the phone to keep in touch.

People with prominent energy in the fingers have a more intellectual grasp of things. They are fascinated by thoughts and ideas, books and learning. They love to discuss life's possibilities and abstract ideas. When making an important decision, they like to discuss the alternatives with anyone who will listen or offer an opinion.

Softbound, 7x9, 190 pages

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