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Painful Questions

Painful Questions
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Painful Questions
An analysis of the September 11th Attack

by Eric Hufschmid

Is the U.S. Government so incompetent that the 9-11 attack merely appears to be a scam? If so, a government of idiots is no better than a government of conspirators!

We have a serious problem in either case!

Why is the military hiding the video of Flight 77 as it crashes into the

Was Building 7 the source of a homing signal for the two airplanes that
crashed into the World Trade Center?

Why didn't seismic stations pick up the crash of Flight 77 into the

Christopher Bollyn, of the American Free Press, writes: "The Soviet-style secrecy surrounding Sept. 11 has succeeded in keeping the American public in the dark .... "

Painful Questions presents compelling evidence that the attacks were "a
scam of immense proportions."

8.5 by 11 inches, 154 pages, 100+ photos and graphics (most in color), soft cover

Softbound, 8.5 x 11, 154 pages

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