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Over the Threshold

Over the Threshold
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Over the Threshold

With Additional Material by
Regan Lee and Sean Casteel

Dana Howard

Dana Howard, ever the intrepid female contactee, reports seeing the strange substance during the appearance of a Space "Sister" named Diane, who appeared not only to Howard but also to the amazed group of 27 people who had gathered with Howard in a small white church in Los Angeles on April 29, 1955 ...



Many of the contactee experiences with extraterrestrials took place in the American deserts. The deserts as a place of mystical meetings with spirits from other realms is a setting known the world over. The desert has been the stage for other worldly encounters with Jinns, Space Visitors, Mary, religious deities and entities, and Dana Howard's meetings with the alien entity Diane was no exception to this idea of desert as spiritual landscape.

As Diane said to Howard of this potent and ethereal location: "From the desert sands, cauldrons of magic will spring." It is in these silent and open settings of the California deserts in the Yucca Valley that Contactee Dana Howard met with the beautiful and wise Space Sister Diane, who called to Dana as other Space Visitors called to other contactees at the time. The is the same location where Giant Rock lives; home for George Van Tassel and for a time, a place for all those to gather who had encountered peaceful extraterrestrials who wanted to share their knowledge with humanity.

During these meetings in the sacred desert setting, Diane shared with Howard eclectic discourses on the coming changes for earth and humanity. These conversations followed much of the typical Space Brother and Sister message, which included warnings, -- no matter how lovingly or gently said -- for humanity to get it together to better meet the intense challenges soon to come: dramatic climate changes, structural changes to earth's geography, changes to the world economy and society's infrastructures. And last but not least, massive changes on a spiritual level. Diane's words, like many of the "aliens" during the contactee era, were words of love as well as warnings. Reading Over the Threshold today, which was written in 1957, is eerily prophetic, considering the climate changes, pole shifts, and economic fiascos we're currently experiencing.

The pull of the desert was a strong one for Dana, and called to her in profound ways. The setting of the desert underscores the mythic qualities of Dana Howard's experiences. There is something quietly mysterious about the desert; a perfect place to meet visitors from other realms. The desert is an isolated area of course, where such esoteric meetings can take place without detection or interruption. Dana Howard saw the desert as sacred; calling the desert a "holy altar." A perfect place, this holy setting, for Howard to meet with her muse, her mentor, her personal astral guide. Dana wrote that the desert was her "favorite retreat," a place where she could "seek seclusion."

It is in the desert that our world intersects with other realms normally undetected. Diane explains the power of the desert to Dana: "Our deserts are the recognized last frontiers of hope. Out where the veil is thin . . .(humanity can) readily be nursed back to health again." Somehow, some manifestation of an "other" came through that veil to communicate with Dana. It's possible the wide open areas of the desert, remote and fairly unbothered, act as portals between worlds. Someone once told me to "think about the sand" in relation to the desert setting and contactee encounters. What is the sand made of? Silica, crystals, quartz. Crystals are transmitters; they hold and impart information. It's not a coincidence humans have been using quartz crystals in not only technological ways but esoteric ways as well. As Venusian Diane tells Dana:

"The deserts are the storehouses of the earth's precious minerals. Those who love the desert love it with a passion they cannot explain. At night there is an endless tune from the melodies of nature -- voices and sounds from the desert's own soul...brilliant by day with its billions of granules of golden sand, by night the spacious filament alive with twinkling stars."

165+pages - 8¼ x 10¾ softcover

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