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Only One Sky to Fly In

Only One Sky to Fly In
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Only One Sky To Fly In
Embracing The Reptiles

by Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

From the Back cover:
I was asked to write a book on a subject many find quite distressing: The Reptiles. Here it is together with much more to celebrate the times we are now moving into.

I offer this book in the spirit of the following poem sent to me by Doreen in New Zealand. What she said about the poem was: "I just like this one!"
Thank you, Doreen - so do I!"

"If you are writing
The clearest, truest words
You can find,
This will shine on paper
Like its own little lighthouse.
Lighthouses don't go
Running all over
Looking for boats to save -
They just stand there -
-- Anne Lamott

"It is important that you, Jacqueline, tell the other side of the story - tell about the evolution of the 'good'. It is important to tell that not all of the reptiles are against humans and that there is now a breakaway group which is working for 'us'."
--Jacob Norkov Friis



I have known for some time that I have to write this book and actually started to write it under the title "Only One Sky to Fly in - The Final Surrender". The focus of the book was to be Higher Consciousness. However as the first pages started to unfold I could feel that for some reason I had to let go of my original idea for the presentation of this subject and instead write a short account of my perspective on the reptilian story. I had expected just to include this story in a book about Higher Consciousness. Those who have read my first book, "The Last Waltz", know that I describe it as "the enlightened consciousness embracing the collective shadow". During one of my trips to Findhorn in Scotland where I have often presented some of my work, a man came to me and said, "Jacqueline, it's some very interesting polarities you attempt to bring together!"

As you read this book please be aware that I do not write it to add to the drama and sensation which already surrounds the subject of the reptiles and I do not pretend to be an "expert" on this topic. I know there are many who have done years more research than I have. I write it simply because I have been asked to and feel it is right to do so. Much has been written recently about the reptiles - a subject many find distressing. I hope that some of what I have to say will help to give a balanced perspective and remove some of the fears and misunderstandings that have arisen amongst people.


"The moment you sense that painful feeling within you say to yourself, "I love this feeling. I welcome it. It doesn't have to go anywhere or change. I accept this feeling." And the warmth which is always there, moves over to this "rock" and begins to smooth it, surround it, and make it porous. So out of the power of your love for this "rock", "it" takes on the power of your love. It becomes filled with your love! Love pours through this "unlovely" feeling-mass, surrounds it, uplifts it, and it becomes "lovely". And you find you are capable of holding two things: your love and that agony. Your love is so vast that there is nothing that it will not hold, and using that vastness is what you've got to learn. No grief is so great that you cannot hold it within you and also hold the vast power of your love at the same time. You do not have to choose. You can have all the grief, you can have all the illness, you can have all the sorrow, all the regrets, all the guilt, and there is no need to worry because all the love in your heart is so vast it will hold anything."

("I Come As A Brother" - Bartholomew.)

This passage from "I Come As A Brother" is actually a passage I have often read to people during events I have held. It is so simple and yet it reveals the deepest mystery of the heart and contains a most important message for seekers of enlightenment: everything is as it is. However if you cannot embrace what is, if you resist the flow of life within you and lose contact with your heart, then suffering arises. If you resist the inner flow of life you cannot embrace the outer. I often say that if you cannot embrace yourself, you cannot embrace the universe. I also say that whatever applies individually also applies collectively and as people individually learn to accept and embrace the individual shadow, humanity collectively prepares to accept and embrace the collective shadow. This shadow includes the reptiles.


"The reptiles" is the popular name given to an extraterrestrial race or genetic stream that is said to have been controlling Earth and humanity for thousands of years. It is said that, in one form or another, their genetic bloodlines are manipulated into positions of power and have infiltrated every structure on this planet - political, religious, military, media, economic etc. They use lower vibrational energies such as fear, guilt and aggression to manipulate consciousness. This is done by orchestrating wars and famines, stirring up racial hatred, denying people an enlightened education, filling them with unhealthy food and dangerous medicines, keeping them busy so there's not time to ask too many questions about the nature of life and so on. Just as some of us seem to have an "agenda" or mission to lift the consciousness on the planet, the reptilian force seems to have the opposite agenda - to prevent this from happening and to keep the planet imprisoned in this low vibrational energy on which the reptilian consciousness feeds.


Message given to Jacqueline from higher dimensional reptilian consciousness: It is important that you, Jacqueline, tell the other side of the story - tell about the evolution of "the good". (This is the expression that was used. Normally I do not talk about good and bad as ultimately both "sides" play their parts perfectly. However I feel that on this occasion I must use the words I was given.) It is important to tell that not all of the reptiles are against the humans and that there is now a "breakaway group" who is working for "us". They are working with us to help prevent the fulfilment of the reptilian agenda. One of the challenges and possibilities on planet Earth is to develop a conscience and a group of the reptiles have done this and will now work for the upliftment of consciousness on the planet.


Looking at the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth I'd say there are certainly some sweeping changes on the way. At this very moment the planet Uranus is about to begin a 2 year long activation of the T. square in the Queen's horoscope. I often call Uranus the alarm clock of the zodiac. It is "the awakener" and usually awakens people through unexpected and quite shocking events.

AND FINALLY: "Experience the reality from where you are at - from what seems to be real and true for you. Don't take life too seriously, but play your part sincerely and let your open heart and open mind guide you into the open sky. We'll all meet there as aspects of the oneness - Sirians, Reptiles, human "saints" and human "sinners". There is only one sky to fly in. Enjoy the journey!"

5.5x8, soft bound, 250 pages


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