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Ong's Hat - The Beginning

Ong's Hat - The Beginning
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Ong's Hat - The Beginning

By Joseph Matheny & Peter Moon

The delightful legend of the Ong's Hat travel cult has been posted in the form of the Incunabula Papers since the earliest days of BBS and Internet communications. The mythos is an historical and cultural curiosity for that reason alone.

Has the great world-mind of the telecommunication infrastructure begun to breed its own myths? The elusiveness of the Incunabula's original proponents, Emory Cranston (a pseudonym) and Joseph Matheny (his real name), has spawned wild speculation that the Ong's Hat legend is nothing but a media hoax. However there is a dark side to this story that has never been fully told, which may help explain their circumspection.

What began as an heretical Islamic sect founded in the early 1900s by Black circus magician, Noble Drew Ali, evolved over the century into a techno-tantric commune whose members managed to escape this befouled world into a pristine, Edenic parallel universe, a New Jersey Pine Barrens devoid of inhabitants. This latter rag-tag group built the "Egg" a glistening Faberge-like device that enabled trans-dimensional travel into unpopulated mirror worlds (per the Everett-Wheeler-Graham model). A special quantum-tantric feature allowed passage for two occupants while they made love, irrespective of their race, age or gender.

But wait, there's more! Add to this mix a benevolent race of humanoids descended from Javanese lemurs on a parallel Earth, capable of dimensional shift without machinery, who have been world tripping for thousands of years. You've got your chaos; sex magick; applied quantum physics; shadow conspiracy; crypto-palaeontology and enlightenment hopes all wrapped up in one neat package. What the Hell more do you want?

The Ong's Hat Pulse PULSE

Ong's Hat: Another Space-Time Project . . . " 'Ong's Hat: The Beginning' was originally an e-book which sold over one million copies. Additional material has been included."

What exactly is Ong's Hat, an obscure location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, not too far away from Fort Dix?

Ong's Hat, which appears on some maps but not on others, is just north of New Jersey State Highway 70 and is under thirty miles east of Philadelphia. If you take 70 to state highway 72 northwest, up the road a couple of miles you will find Ong's Hat Road and a bar in a little triangle.

If you're lucky, some of the people in the bar might tell you some strange stories about the area. An actual town in the 1700's and 1800's, Ong's Hat acquired its name, according to legend, when a young man by the name of Jacob Ong snubbed a female admirer at the dance hall whereupon she stamped upon his highly fashionable and shiny silk hat.

An inebriated Mr. Ong tossed the ruined hat into a tree where it stood, unreachable and battered, for many months. At some point thereafter, the town acquired the name of Ong's Hat. If you have already figured that this locale was just a short distance from where the Philadelphia Experiment occurred and could have played a role, you might be right.

For some bizarre reason, dissident Princeton University physicists used Ong's Hat as a return address for anonymous papers they wrote that went far beyond the accepted academic physics of the day. This was a subtle in-joke with those who populated the Institute for Advanced Study, the think-tank that was used to hatch the Philadelphia Experiment.

The Ong's Hat Rod and Gun Club, now housed by the Anapa Bar and Grill, was once the retreat for those scientists who populated the IAS from the 1930's right on through the 1960's. The IAS at Princeton was a tightly regulated group watched over by a security minded government, but at Ong's Hat, they could shoot the breeze with their fellow scientists and let their hair down.

When you put such great minds together, a synergy takes place and things begin to happen. Here, you had the elite physicists of the world contemplating the umbilical chord of the universe and what makes things tick. It is no wonder that remarkable things began to occur, through the osmosis factor alone. One of the more notable duties of the Ong's Hat crowd was to decipher the Nazi's Enigma machine.

Enigma translated Nazi messages into a coded format and had five separate wheels that were used to disguise each letter of the German alphabet with another. On designated days, different wheels would be used to make the code even harder to crack. You can read about Enigma on the web where you will learn that the original prototype for that machine was invented by Germans in around 1910; however, they do not indicate that the real source of that machine (the man who first utilized the wheel method of cryptography) was John Dee, the conjuring magician of Queen Elizabeth I's court.

John Dee and his necromancer, Edward Talbot Kelly, were the magicians Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard were trying to emulate or tap into during the Babalon Working. At least, that is what Marjorie Cameron told me. In addition to being the father of modern mathematics and several other features of modern society (like the English language), Dee was laced with magic. He communed with Angels and wrote down the Enochian sigils or Enochian Keys.

These are the keys to the heavenly realms and what they represent is as deep as your imagination will take you.

Although Dee ran afoul of the authorities of the day and ended up a pauper, his work lives on today. Even the might of the British Empire can literally be traced to his conjuring and influence. Interestingly enough, Dee's role has literally been blackballed from the history books.

It was the studying of Dee and esoteric magick that led to Joe Matheny's involvement in and chronicling of the Ong's Hat legacy. Amidst his esoteric studies one day, Joe was approached by his friend Dr. Nick Herbert, a quantum physicist of some renown, who handed him a catalog of Xeroxed sheets which was titled "Incunabula" and was a list of books and hard (or impossible) to find treatises on the subjects of quantum reality, alternative universes, parallel reality, and "The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics." Also included was Ong's Hat: A Color Brochure of the Institute of Chaos Studies which described a secretive hippie ashram that purported to travel to parallel universes. The word incunabulum means cocoon or cradle and refers to something either in infancy or in metamorphosis or some other form of sleeping state. It also referred to printed books prior to 1501 and has been extended to mean any rare and hermetic collection of books.

John Dee used this term incunabula to refer to his library which contained the most comprehensive collection of information since the Library of Alexandria burned. What was remarkable to Joe Matheny is, that when he was handed the Incunabula, he already had all of the materials listed on his personal book shelf. He then began to wonder who on Earth had put together this catalog. This begins the adventure that is being released in Ong's Hat: The Beginning, published by Sky Books which includes the Incunabula catalog (with descriptions of the manuscripts), the Ong's Hat brochure, and a host of other information concerning the mystery of these matters.

This was originally published as an e-book which has sold over one million copies but is now being published in hard copy for the first time as a regular trade paperback book.

Additional information has also been included which was not previously available in the e-book or on the internet. This includes a lengthy interview with the ashram survivors by Joe Matheny and a picture and description of one of the exotic "meditation eggs" that Joe was allowed to personally examine for a short period of time. There is other information added as well.

I personally knew that the ashram was real because a friend of mine had been in touch with them under mysterious circumstances. This friend was very concerned when the ashram had been assaulted by the presence of black helicopters and nuclear fallout and she subsequently never heard from these people. My own personal description of how I came across Ong's Hat is included in the book. The Incunabula and brochure were placed in my hands almost ten years ago as a direct result of my pursing the name "Wilson" which has appeared with repeated synchronicity in my own life and has become the trademark of my writing. It has taken a long "time" to disseminate this information via a newsletter and book, but at long last, the book is complete and now available.


6x9, softback, 188 pages

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