Historical Reprints Philosophical On Earth Assignment : Cosmic Awakening of Light Workers

On Earth Assignment : Cosmic Awakening of Light Workers

On Earth Assignment : Cosmic Awakening of Light Workers
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Author Name Tuella Tarvis Ashtar


On Earth Assignment

The Cosmic Awakening of Light Workers,
Walk-Ins, and All Star Born Representatives

Compiler Tuella
Ashtar command

Timothy Green Beckley keeps the revelations of Tuella alive and in print. Many of Tuella's channelings are becoming even more relevant to this chaotic world today, than when she delivered these messages to the world.

The planet earth at this time is heavily populated with Ambassadors from far flung vistas of our Universe, a vast corps of volunteers. These dedicated ones are here on heavenly assignments to aid the coming of Light and Understanding to mankind, enduring the limitations of fleshly existence to fulfill that ideal. Are you one of them? They are the "seed souls" through whom great ideals are transferable, incorporated within creative personalities through whom the past and future become integrated.

From the Preface

All of earth's volunteers have exalted moments they treasure from the secret places of the Most High. These pearls of great price are too personally profound and holy to share with another. These sacred moments often stun the devotee. They are left with mixed impulses, torn between hiding these revelatory times deep within the heart, or conversely, shouting them from the housetops.

These very personal encounters with the record of the soul provide us with vital self confidence and strength that will be needed later in the mission. We realize they are for us alone, too sacred to be shared.

I was no different than you. It has not been my policy to speak of the soul records of Tuella and her other manifestations on this and other planets. But now as I prepare for the return to the octaves of Home, I am guided to share my glories with you. The reasons are threefold:

A. There is an aura of unbelief surrounding these early revelations. We tend to wonder about ourselves or think we are "out to lunch" mentally, or becoming fanatical. We doubt, we question, we reject. Perhaps as we see how it has been with others, we will recognize our own experiences.

B. All that you are, from whence you came, and why you are here will ultimately be pulled through your human consciousness in this embodiment, if you so desire. Much of this is necessary to the successful completion of your assignment. Thus the answers are there in your inner citadel. As a dedicated program of meditation is set into motion, these details will filter through the "voice of the silence." Keep a written record of these times and gradually the pure grains of truth will separate from the chaff of irrelevancies, and you, the human counterpart, will know that you know, that you know.

C. We are a Great Company. We are encompassed about by a great cloud of witnesses. It brings a warm glow to the soul to see in the experiences of others, the hallmark of Divinity we have within ourselves. A phrase of the world comes to mind, "It takes one to know one." It is comforting to know you are not alone in the humanness of it all.



Voluntary Embodiment

"In the Master's program for the enlightenment of Terra, down through many ages and eons and various cultures, there has always been the presence of those certain individuals whose work it was to experience a direct soul contact on telepathic levels with Universal Mind. In that way it was proposed that messages be relayed to humanity for their help and guidance. Those certain ones have been called by many names: seers, prophets, patriarchs, mediums, channels, messengers and voices, oracles, and so on. It does not matter what terminology has been used by whatever culture or civilization, that instrument of God, the mission, and often even the message, were always one. One individual chosen for that intercession would stand between the heavenly tribunals on behalf of existing humanity and be the receiver and sender of messages between heaven and earth.

"This was not a difficult thing for these instruments, because they, themselves, were serving the planet in a voluntary embodiment to serve the Brotherhood of Light in that capacity.

"In your day, you speak of earth-based Commanders. As impressive as that title may appear, it is nevertheless nothing new under the Sun. For your planet has had earth-based spiritual patriarchs since its earliest inception. These oracles, down through the corridors of time, have been, in simpler terms, but messengers of the Gods. Behind every great religion that has touched the planet with challenge and depth, one finds these volunteering earth-based members of the inner Hierarchy serving quietly, deliberately, and often unknown until after their transition. We could progress, listing them all, from the ancient times down through many ages. The celestial government has never been without human representation upon the planet! Every new movement or revelation developing into a program of teaching and evolution has always been spawned from the heart of one individual soul, totally and completely God-centered in motive and purpose.

"As Light expanded upon earth, there were often many serving in such a capacity simultaneously, even beginning new movements which eventually became great world religions. It was those who followed after them who lost the message of Love, the vision of unity, and fostered earth destroying emphasis upon divisions. Return to the original creed of the earth's great spiritual pioneers, and one will always find Love at its core. For all of these founders were Hierarchical embodiments, appearing repeatedly to hold mankind in a spiritual quest upon the upward spiral.

"Because of certain times and lack of evolvement in many areas of man's history, the message was necessarily limited in scope to accommodate limited underst4nding. Light has been progressive, and it has ALWAYS BEEN PRESENT It has sometimes appeared to be reduced to a flicker, but at every point in time of human history, Truth has always been cradled by an individual, a group or a country, appointed to be the guardian of truth for that time.

"Now that day has come upon the planet when there is to be a great flood of Hierarchical representation upon earth, externalizing its precepts and teachings for the masses. Because of much Light having been shed abroad in the land, now in this day of World Teachers, both incarnate and discarnates, can freely expound without limitations, the deepest depths of Truth long held, but by a few, who were capable of grasping and understanding it.

"This decade is very special in the spiritual evolvement of mankind. This is that day when Truth shall flow as a river, when the false teachings of man-made traditional idolatries will perish. False religions will be recognized for their sham by the general populace without a voice to tell them. The quickening that is taking place now within the hearts of mankind, by the Light shining within them, is beyond the greatest expectations of the Guardians of man.



Chapter One-Life's Highest Loyalty

Chapter Two-Life's Highest Commitment

Chapter Three-Life's Highest Purpose

Chapter Four-Life's Highest Equipment

Chapter Five-Life's Highest Lessons

Chapter Six-Life's Highest Comfort

Chapter Seven-Life's Highest Reward

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