Oera Linda Book, The

Oera Linda Book, The
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Oera Linda Book

Translated By
William Sandbach

This is the 'bible' of the Aryan/Nordic peoples, with it's own account of creation, great flood, etc. If this book is authentic, its information predates the oldest known Hebrew Torah manuscripts. Controversy surrounds this 'Holy Book' as does any book that challenges the status quo of Christianity's holy book.

Frya has said we must not admit amongst us any but free people; but what have they done? They have imitated our enemies, and instead of killing their prisoners, or letting them go free, they have despised the counsel of Frya, and have made slaves of them. "Because they have acted thus, Frya cared no longer to watch over them. They robbed others of their freedom, and therefore lost their own.


Okke, my son -

1. You must preserve these books with body and soul. They contain the history of all our people, as well as of our forefathers.

2. Last year I saved them in the flood, as well as you and your mother; but they got wet, and therefore began to perish. In order not to lose them, I copied them on foreign paper.

3. In case you inherit them, you must copy them likewise, and your children must do so too, so that they may never be lost.

4. Written at Liudwerd, in the year 3449 after Atland was submerged - that is, according to the Christian reckoning, the year 1256.

5. Hidde, surnamed Oera Linda - Watch!


12. Minerva said, "No; I know no gods that do evil, therefore I cannot ask them to do better. I only know of one good spirit, that is Wr-alda's; and as he is good he never does evil."

13. The priests asked, "Where, then, does evil come from? All the evil comes from you, and from the stupidity of the people who let themselves be deceived by you. If, then, your god is so exceedingly good, why does he not turn away the bad?"

14. Hellenia answered, "Frya has placed us here, and the carrier, that is, time, must do the rest. For all calamities there is counsel and remedy to be found, but Wr-alda wills that we should search it out ourselves, in order that we may become strong and wise. If we will not do that, he leaves us to our own devices, in order that we may experience the results of wise or foolish conduct."

15. Then a prince said, "I should think it best to submit."

16. Hellenia answered, "Very possibly; for then men would be like sheep, and you and the priests would take care of them, shearing them and leading them to the shambles. That is what our god does not desire, he desires that we should help one another, but that all should be free and wise. That is also our desire, and therefore our people choose their princes, reeves, elders, leaders, and masters from among the wisest of the good men, in order that every man shall do his best to be wise and good. Thus doing, we learn ourselves and teach the people that being wise and acting wisely can alone lead to holiness."

17. The priests said, "That seems very good judgment; but if you mean that the plague is caused by our stupidity, then Nyhellenia will perhaps be so good as to bestow upon us a little of that new light of which she is so proud."

18. Hellenia said, "Yes, but ravens and other birds of prey feed only on dead carrion, whereas the plague feeds not only on carrion but on bad laws and customs and wicked passions. If you wish the plague to depart from you and not return, you must put away your bad passions and become pure within and without."

19. The priests said, "We admit that the advice is good, but how shall we induce all the people under our rule to agree to it?"

Softcover, 8¼" x 5¼, 245+ pages

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