Historical Reprints Religion OAHSPE BIBLE : The 1912 3rd Edition

OAHSPE BIBLE : The 1912 3rd Edition

OAHSPE BIBLE : The 1912 3rd Edition
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Author Name John Ballou Newbrough


The 1912 3rd Edition

Kosmon Bible
In The Words Of Jehovih
And His Angel Embassadors

With added Lost Books of OAHSPE
In this Edition

2 Volume Set

Channeled by
John Ballou Newbrough

This rare, and not commonly known book or bible was a channeled set of writings to a Dentist in the 1800's, named Dr. John Ballou Newbrough. It was first published in 1885.

The amazing part of this manuscript of channelings, are the revelations of scientific ideas, that were only to become facts when later discovered with modern science and technology.

Strange as the book itself - is the account of its birth. A graduate in both medicine and dentistry, Dr Newbrough was also gifted with astonishing ESP. Many of the foremost mediums of his day were guests in his home, and were put through the tests in the efforts of Dr. Newbrough to determine the truth or falsity of spirit phenomena. After several years of playing around with various mediums, the good doctor became disgusted with the vacuity of the things they told him while under spirit influence.

Convinced that he was being contacted by out-of-the-body intelligences he was also disgusted with the low grade of intelligence displayed by them. The years between 1871 and 1881 were spent in spiritual purification during which time he became aware of spiritual guidance. Instructed to buy a typewriter (which had just been invented) he did so. Upon sitting at the instrument an hour before dawn he discovered that his hands typed, except when he read what was being printed. He was told he must not read the book until it was finished.

At the end of a year, the manuscript was finished -- The OAHSPE - a New Bible.

OAHSPE purports to be written at the command of God, who states the He is NOT the creator but is simply the chief executive officer for planet Earth.

This strange book informs us that the world entered a new era in the year 1848, how the new era is different from those which preceded and what changes will come to humanity...

One of the chapters or books gives the keys to ancient languages.

"OAHSPE is a book of spiritual light and truth. It is also a historical record. The reading of OAHSPE is an undertaking worthy of the most assiduous care."

The teachings contained in the volume were communicated from the interior planes through an American medium, J. B. Newbrough (1828-1891). From the testimony of those who knew him while on earth he appears to have been a man of exceptional moral character who possessed also the most remarkable powers in the direction of inspiration and clairvoyance. The exercise of these faculties over many years culminated in 1881 in his becoming the instrument through which OAHSPE was communicated to the world.

With regard to the contents of this extraordinary book, it will suffice here to say that it contains detailed teachings regarding the Creator and His relation to Man and the Universe; the history of the earth and its heavens for the past 24,000 years; the principles of cosmogony and cosmology, embracing a completely revolutionary conception of physics; the nature of the angelic worlds and their relation to the earth; the origin of man and his path onwards and upwards during life and after death towards spiritual emancipation; the principles of an enlightened morality; the lost keys to all the different religious doctrines and symbols in the world; the history of the great teachers who have been sent to humanity in different cycles; the character of the civilisation which will supersede that in which we are at present living; and a mass of remarkable teachings regarding metaphysics, rites and ceremonies, magic, prophecy and the like.

Like all Bibles OAHSPE is so conceived that it can profitably be read on every level. The simple may find set forth therein that which they need to know, while the philosopher, the mystic and the esotericist will never exhaust the profundity of its more recondite pages.


THE BOOK OF JEHOVIH gives a general idea of the creation of man, and of vegetable and of animal life on the earth, and of the inorganic habitation of the earth and tier atmospherea. With the

BOOK OF SETHANTES, Son of Jehovih, commences the organic habitation of the earth and her heavens; and with the Book of Ah'shong the history is carried down for six thousand years, then for forty-nine thousand years a synopsis merely is given. The history is again taken up with the

BOOK OF APH, twenty-four thousand years B.K., and carried down to the

BOOK OF LIKA, thirty-four hundred years B.K. The Upper Books treating of Etherea and the lower heavens, and the Lower Books treating of the earth and lower heavens, viz., Atmospherea.


BOOK OF ES bring the history down to Kosmon.

BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY is a statement of the manner in which worlds are made, and the force that governs them, showing how Light and Heat, Magnetism and Electricity, are manufactured, being wholly at variance with the present Systems of Philosophy and Astronomy. Also how to prophesy in regard to the future of the earth and the people thereon.

BOOK OF SAPHAH treats of the formation of languages, and of rites and ceremonies in all ages of the earth.


BOOK OF JEHOVIH'S KINGDOM ON EARTH treats of the condition of things soon to come upon the earth.

Abrakad'abra was a monotonous prayer, set in the form of a triangle, of short and disconnected sentences, so arranged that it was without beginning or ending, the which a person in might repeat over and over to induce, sleep or trance. Persons who practised casting themselves in trance by this method were called Abracadabras. following is a sample prayer:--

O Mighty One! Devoured am I with sin. Immerse me in Thee, O my Father in Heaven! Hide me, that I be no more forever! Death I covet, O All One! Sweet world in pain; Death in life! Mighty Creator! Blessed! Heavenly! Amen! Extinguish mine iniquities! Make me as nothing! I fain would be a saint. Talk to me, Then High Ruler, Who made me before I knew it! O Mighty, All Perceiving! Holy, Holy, above all else! What am I that I should call upon Thee? Then knowest. I am not hidden. My flesh is dead even while I live. Remove all that is foul in me! Come then near me, if only for once, O Mighty One! I could be destroyed by a stroke of Thy hand, O All One! I am but a waste particle in Thy members. Give me the obliterating stroke! Purify me, O Father, or blot me out! O Mighty One! Thou, never seen, though the print of Thy presence is all around me! Glory be to Thee, on high, O Mighty One! How fearfully madest Thou me! Take out that which is dead in me, and In I am not! Take out that which is life in me, and In I am not! Hallowed be Thy works, O Father! All Holy be Thy hidden name! Mighty and ever lasting! I dare not call Thee by Thy name, O Father! Holiness is in the thought of Thee; but words blot Thee. Take me into Thee, that I shall be lost forever! Now am I going! Hold me, O Father! My vision is clouding. O Then, All Creator! O Thou Mighty One! Swallow me up, that I be no more Immerse me in Thy Being! Make me all forgetfulness, forever! I rest in Thee, forever. Amen! O Thou Mighty One! Thou All Holy! One, and one only for ever! Amen! Blessed be Thy works! Blessed be my songs of Thee! Blessed be all Thy creation! Blessed be All Thy sons and daughters, forever! Amen! O Thou Mighty One! Thou everlasting Creator! O Mighty One!

When the prayer of Abrakadabra, was given to a man, it was from mouth to ear, and never written. The receiver was told that on learning it he should forever keep it a secret, and only reveal it to one person just before his death. He was told also that it had power to induce the trance state in himself; and this he usually believed, hence it was universally effective.

Persons who thus attained to the self-trance state became oblivious to pain and to all knowledge of things around about them for a certain period of time, which was generally marked out by themselves beforehand, In this trance, the person often worked what was then called miracles. When he applied himself to heal the sick, he made the sick one keep repeating the word "Abrakadabra." This of course also had its faith effect on the sick one, in which case a healing was sure to take place. The word is pronounced Abraka, as if written aub, rau, kau, and d'aub, rau, with the accents on kau, and on the final rau; or, in the English language as if written ob re kaw', do ob raw'.

The meaning of the word in the ancient tongue is: Ab: Something is, as the earth and sky. Things move. I am, and I move. My hand moveth. Life in me maketh my hand move.

Therefore life is primus; motion cometh afterward. Life in me causing motion showeth that life moveth all the universe. It is the I AM, self-existent, everywhere. We now have corpor, motion and life, three in one. This is the foundation of the problem, and is called ab. Ra: Things move two ways, to life and from life. One is creating and coming together, and the other is going away from, as destruction or death. This is ra, the second part of the problem.

I cannot exist separate from thinking, nor can my life move even my hand without thinking. Therefore thinking is before life itself. I could not think if I had not inherited it from the I AM. Therefore He is the Knowledge pervading all life and all corporeal things. This thinking is ka. D'ab is the fourth proposition in the problem, signifying a creation corning out of the first and second. For as ab standeth for general creation, life and coming together, motion, etc., etc., so d'ab signifieth that that creates out of the evil creation, or lesser creation. As man sinneth against creation if he killeth. Thus he becometh a creator himself, but of death. This is d'ab.

Ra: the fifth part of the problem, which is evil in crossing conditions of earth. I may plan war, but of my own self kill not; but my soldiers do the killing. My thoughts, my life and my powers are directed to evil creation. I am the d'ab ra, or evil creator. Ra alone is sin, evil, destruction, death; but he that standeth behind as the inventive mind is the creator of sin, the d'ab ra. At least such was the doctrine of the ancients. They held that the word was the digest of all things into five simple problems. Moreover, they taught that to repeat the word over and over put man in conjunction with the I AM in all holiness.

1150+ pages - 10¾ x 8¼ softcover in two volumes

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