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New Unhappy Lords

New Unhappy Lords
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The New Unhappy Lords

By A.K. Chesterton

An exposure of power politics which is heading mankind into a One World dictatorship. How the international financiers have backed the military confrontations of this century to destroy the sovereign independence of numerous countries. An assault on patriotism worldwide by New York bankers, the U.N. and Zionism.

As ever more people emerge from the prolonged state of lethargy which followed the war to find the old familiar world destroyed, the once cherished values scorned, the signposts to what had seemed an assured national future obliterated, they ask in bewilderment: "What is behind it all?" Jolted into an awareness of mysterious forces at work causing universal confusion and chaos, their next question swiftly follows: "Who is behind it all?"

THE NEW UNHAPPY LORDS endeavours to answer both questions, revealing much of the secret history of our times, and exposing the conspiracy which shapes that history to dragoon mankind into a One World dictatorship.

Readers who expect the exposition to lead to a scrutiny of the Communist camp will not be entirely wrong, but after mastering the arguments contained in this book they will look West rather than East, to New York rather than Moscow, in their search for the supreme headquarters of the movement that is bedeviling the twentieth century world.

THE NEW UNHAPPY LORDS is essential reading for patriots brave enough to face harsh facts and fight for the sovereign independence of their countries against the immense might of their internationalist enemies.

"Glasgow Illustrated" says: this "is a book which will shock and startle the reader... It cuts right through the elephant hide which is our outer skin and gets to the real sensitive flesh... the author, has been a student of world politics all his life and has uncovered information which has been kept as closely guarded secrets by international world financiers who, in the background... have plotted the destruction of the British Empire and of Britain herself... Worth every farthing since it throws light into what may prove to be the dirtiest corner of European history."

Lieut. General P.A. del Valle, U.S. Marines (Ret.) says in an introduction to the American edition: "With typical English self-control and objectivity Mr. Chesterton traces the conspiracy through nearly six decades up to the present day. Historic events of world-shaking importance are related courageously and truthfully."

Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5", 253 pages

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