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New Science of Healing : Oneness of All Diseases

New Science of Healing : Oneness of All Diseases
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New Science
of Healing

or the doctrine of the
Oneness of All Diseases

By Louis Kuhne

My method of cure has rapidly spread and met with approval not only in Germany, but throughout all other European countries, and in Asia, Africa, America and Australia as well; everywhere such remedies have been sought, as should in really improve the health of individuals and communities, and success has always been attained when a serious trial of my treatment has been attempted.


Many sceptics have been converted, merely by the force of experience into, to enthusiastic supporters of my new doctrines and have in turn endeavored to give them the widest publicity possible.

Thousands of patients given over by the modern school of medicine have been saved by my treatment. Even the dreaded and hitherto incurable disease of leprosy, usually found only in the tropics, has been thoroughly cured, as can be proved, by my method, a result never before attained by any specialists in the world.

Dare I keep silence after such results and successes? Is it not rather a sacred duty, to reveal the truth to the world? A number of physicians of the modern school already employ my method of treatment, urged thereto by the surprising results, and penetrated with the conviction, that the prevailing school requires thorough reformation.

It is characteristic of human nature, that anyone who thinks he has discovered something new and. original feels an irresistible impulse to retain his discovery and communicate it to his fellow-men.

Ambition and vanity have no doubt a share in creating this desire; but in its essential part it is thoroughly defensible and truly human. The truth must be proclaimed, even should one otherwise flee all show and glitter, and find the busy doings of the world never so irksome. To this natural law I also bow, in my present endeavor to communicate the results arrived at after the incessant labors of twenty-five years. True, it would be wiser were I to entrust my discoveries to mute paper only, and look to future generations for judgment. But in the matter to which I have devoted my life, not merely knowledge pure and simple comes in question, but the actions accompanying and flowing from this knowledge as its practical realization.

If I, therefore, would preserve my method for present and future times, and not die stigmatized as a "quack", I am under the necessity of exhibiting, proving and communicating to others the truths I have discovered, by dint of instruction, and demonstrations on living subjects. To such a large company, however, the presentation of diseased persons is impossible, and I must therefore content myself with explaining my views in words to the best of my ability. And first, let me show briefly what led to the formulation of my Method.

I have always felt peculiarly drawn to Nature, so that I knew no greater delight than to observe the occurrences in field and forest, to trace the workings of our great mother, Nature, in plants and animals, in the earth and the skies, and to apprehend and establish her laws. Further, I was desirous of hearing what able investigators, like Prof. Rossmassler, had discovered, and this long before I even thought of devoting myself specially to the art of healing. To the latter step I was forced by the strong hand of necessity, the teacher and educator of nations and individuals.

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