New Bible Code

New Bible Code
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New Bible Code

A Message From Christ
Within The Holy Bible

By William N. Downie

Two opposing views of the nature of our universe compete daily for our attention. The first, generally known as materialism, holds that the cosmos and everything it contains is essentially lifeless, mechanistic, dominated by chance, comprehensible in terms of simple causes and without meaning or purpose. It is promoted by some influential figures within the scientific establishment.

However, workers within that same community have long been gathering information that cannot readily be explained within the materialistic paradigm, from 'spooky action at a distance' in quantum mechanics to the concept of the collective unconscious accepted by many psychoanalysts. This evidence implies a reality more akin to the pictures painted by the world's great religions: a universe that is the ongoing creation of a purposeful Intelligence. I hope to add weight to the case for such a Creator, by showing you stunning evidence of His active presence in our lives.

The main body of this evidence can be found within a modern version of the Christian Bible: the New International Version Bible. The NIV Bible was translated by a large team of scholars, mainly during the 1970s, but their efforts were somehow coordinated to create a numerical cyphertext within its pages. This cyphertext is the confirmation many seek that a benevolent 'higher power' exists, because it is a communication from that power to ourselves, authenticating religious belief and experience, validating Christian claims that the Bible is an inspired document and announcing an event for which the faithful have long been waiting.

I begin this book with a short account of my invitation to find and decypher the code, a three-and-a-half year period of spiritual training which began with a celestial vision and ended with the miraculous appearance of a divine message. Most of the rest of the book is an exposition of the code itself, building up to the revelation of its shattering message in the book's later chapters. I end with some reflections on the code and the world-shaking events to which it gives meaning.

One April morning in 1998 I awakened from an unusually deep and relaxing sleep to receive the greatest surprise of my life. Before me, floating in the ebony void that lies behind our closed eyelids, were three radiant lights. They were disc shaped and arranged in triangular formation. The topmost disc was pearly white and almost too brilliant to stare at directly. The other two discs also emitted a bright glow, but had a creamy yellow colouring. All three lights seemed to be conscious in some way and I felt as if they were observing me, which caused me to mentally shrink, as I felt uncomfortable beneath their scrutiny.

For about twenty seconds I just lay there, aware of the brilliant lights but refusing to interact with them in any way. Eventually I got the idea that I was supposed to do something, so I plucked up a little courage and focused my inner sight on one of the yellow discs. At that moment I had a brief but extraordinary epiphany, as I made contact with a celestial realm, suffused with the love of God. Then all three lights winked out, leaving me shaken to the core and changed for ever.

Up until that experience I had considered myself to be agnostic as far as God was concerned. In my youth I had built a comforting wall of scientific materialism around me, supported by a foundation of atheism and cemented by a rather glib rationalism. However, by early middle age this worldview was beginning to stifle me. A few years later the first cracks had begun to appear in that edifice. Now, in one magnificent second, the wall came tumbling down and I stood blinking in the unaccustomed light as new and dazzling vistas were revealed to me...

This was the beginning of an incredible journey of discovery, during which I was made aware of a larger reality than the one we normally perceive and given an education you will not find in any terrestrial curriculum. The course lasted three-and-a-half years and amounted to a tour-de-force of spiritual and paranormal experiences, deftly woven into my life to teach me important lessons and often having a distinctly Christian flavour. My teachers included mysterious strangers, who would walk right up to me-always when I was out shopping-and pass on some piece of information connected with my spiritual education, often in a highly symbolic way. I have no idea who these people were, but they seemed to me to be playing roles for my benefit as part of the larger teaching I was receiving. They were obviously telepathic, knowing exactly what was in my mind at any given moment.

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