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Rodger Stevens

From the author of 'A Dangerous Book' and " Reconnecting to the Source"

This booklet is a tidbit of wisdom from a freethinking philosopher in the western world.

Rodger Stevens teaches lost truths that masters have come to teach mankind throughout the ages. However, Stevens speaks to the western world in language, mindset, and processes that people in western civilization understand.

His message is relayed in story form as were the parables of ancient masters. Books like this could change not only lives, but the entire world, if only, mankind would adhere to the principles taught.

It was still. An expectant silence hung in the air, an almost electric enchantment of anticipation and promise, a teasing unknowing. This same silence hovered placidly nearly everywhere--a natural, wordless presence whose magnificence and immediacy looks the other way, smiling, at every attempt to represent or describe it. It pondered ... so much done, so much left to do, to try, to experience ... so many new recipes to blend, so many new mixes to examine, between so many dynamic ingredients ... ... a short one this time ... nothing dragged-out ... one with a unique twist ... a new way of expressing something that can't be said any other way ... nothing profound or earthshaking ... a version involved enough that it is something of a challenge to remember what's really the case ... but, not too much of a challenge ... ... and nothing really complicated, either ... those are fun, too, but not this time, not to see what can only be seen without all that complexity ... simplicity is a unique twist in istelf, isn't it?! ... the less obstructed and obscured by all the distractions which are often present in an expression, the more can be seen through it, whereas the busier something is, the shallower the visibility ... ... no, this time it will be a self-fulfilling excursion, a journey in which the loose ends are easy to mate ... or perhaps, a version in which it is easier to see that the loose ends are all connected anyway ... something transparent enough to see the unity without too much trouble ... something that will be fun and light ... these are just as valid and informative as any of the rest ... probably more so, because, well, that's kinda the way I want it to be this time ... I wonder ... what if ...?

Softcover, 8¼" x 5¼", 80+ pages

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