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Natural Healing : Self Empowerment

Natural Healing : Self Empowerment
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Natural Healing
Self Empowerment

Published November 2004

When animals, humans included, live in nature, eating complete raw foods, they suffer no diseases-but modern "advanced" man now dies by the thousands from disease, and may pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for this privilege.

Some cancer patients pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to "treat" their disease, as can diabetics, sufferers of mental disease and countless other conditions.

But now this small book can teach you to take charge of your own health, by providing you with educational information that is at best neglected, and at worst deliberately suppressed.

Not only will you encounter the most powerful healing methods of the last centuries, but gain access to where they can be explored at astonishingly cheap rates that may well save you thousands upon thousands of dollars if you are confronted with a health crisis. You will gain websites, telephone numbers, book references, and descriptions of simple experiments that may well lead you to think you are far more powerful than you ever dreamed.

Nature does not make junk when left alone-it will only become warped through acts of will. And even in the event that her designs do become warped, you always have the chance to change your choices, and return to a place of beauty and understanding-the utopia of health in harmony with nature. The way is being offered-you only have to choose it.

This small book is power-packed with research and resources for natural healing. When hiddenmysteries first received the review copy, we questioned its pricing due to its size. After reading the book we felt it may be one of the most well rounded book-in-a-nutshell on natural healing ever devised. I learned more about natural techniques for cures and healing than I have ever been able to 'absorb' from the many health books I have read. This is in part due to the simplicity in which the material is presented, in layman's language. Though it is about healing techniques, it certainly is not boring. I could not put it down after I 'finally' got around to reading what I figured would be another 'me too' health book. It is not one of those! To me it is worth every cent.

L. Savage -

Perfect-bound, 100+ pages 8 x 5 inches

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