As Above So Below Kabalah Mysterium Magnum (3 Volume Set)

Mysterium Magnum (3 Volume Set)

Mysterium Magnum (3 Volume Set)
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Jacob Boehme, Bohme, John Sparrow
ISBN 10: 1610334604
ISBN 13: 9781610334600


Mysterium Magnum

An Exposition of the
First Book of Moses Called Genesis
written Anno 1623

3 Volume Set

Jacob Boehme
John Sparrow (Translator)

Mysterium Magnum is central to Boehme's work. Taking the general form of an interpretation of Genesis, it far outstrips such apparent confines, and explains the popularity of his work among followers as varied as Hegel, Law, Blake and Berdyaev. Boehme was one of the few persons in history that understood much of the mystery religion within Christianity. His revelations were far ahead of his time, example: creation began from God working with slime... primordial slime. Large Print 14 point font 3 volumes, 1470 pages, 80 illustrations, 78 chapters, begun in 1623 and the 3rd volume completed in 1656


1. WHEN we consider the visible world with its essence, and consider the life of the creatures, then we find therein the likeness of the invisible spiritual world, which is hidden in the visible world, as the soul in the body; and see thereby that the hidden God is nigh unto all, and through all; and yet wholly hidden to the visible essence.

2. We have an example hereof in the mind of man, which is an invisible fire, that is inclined to light and darkness, viz. to joy and sorrow; and yet in itself is none of these, but only a cause thereto; an invisible, incomprehensive sourcive, fire; and yet as to its own essence is included in nothing, save only in the will of life.

3. The body cannot comprehend the mind; but the mind comprehends the body; and brings it to love, or dislike; this likewise is to be understood of the Word and power of God; which is hidden to the visible sensible elements: and yet dwells through and in the elements; and works through the sensible life and essence, as the mind in the body.

4. For the visible sensible things are an essence of the invisible: from the invisible and incomprehensible the visible and comprehensible is proceeded: the visible essence is come to be from the expression or spiration of the invisible power: the invisible spiritual Word of divine power works with and through the visible essence, as the soul with and through the body.

5. The inward spiritual soul of man was breathed into the visible image by the in-speaking, or inspiration, of the invisible Word of the divine power; (for an understanding to the created image) wherein man's science and knowledge of the invisible and visible essence consists.

6. Thus man has now received ability from the invisible Word of God to the reexpression: that he again expresses the hidden Word of the divine science into formation and severation: in manner and form of the temporal creatures; and forms this spiritual Word according to animals and vegetables; whereby the invisible wisdom of God is portrayed and modellised into several distinct forms: as we plainly see, that the understanding of man expresses all powers in their property, and gives names unto all things, according to each thing's property, by which the hidden wisdom is known and understood in its power: and the hidden God is made manifest with the visible things, for the delight and play of the divine Power: so that the invisible might play with the visible, and therein introduce itself into the sight and sense of itself.

7. As the mind does introduce itself with the body and by the body into senses and thoughts, whereby it works and acts sensibly to itself, so also the invisible world (works) through the visible, and with the visible world: we are not in any wise to think that a man cannot search out what the hidden divine world is, and what its operation and essence is, for on the visible essence of the creation we see a figure of the internal spiritual operation of the powerful world.

8. And we ought not to think otherwise of God, but that he is the most internal ground of all essences; and yet so, as that he cannot be comprehended of any thing by the own-peculiar power of the thing; but as the sun doth introduce itself with its light and power into the sensible living things, and worketh with [or in] all things, and introduceth itself also into an essence; the same likewise is to be understood concerning the divine Word with the life of the creatures.

9. Seeing then this visible world is the expressed, formed word, according to God's love and anger, viz. according to the Grand Mystery of the eternal spiritual nature, which spiritual world is hidden in the visible; and yet the human soul is a spark out of the eternal-speaking Word of the divine science and power: and the body an ens of the stars and elements; and also as to the internal ground an ens of heaven, viz. of the hidden world; therefore he has might and ability to speak of the Grand Mystery whence all essences do originally arise.

1470 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover in 3 volumes
ISBN-10: 1610334604
ISBN-13: 9781610334600

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