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Mysteries of Genesis

Mysteries of Genesis
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Mysteries of Genesis


Charles Fillmore

It takes only a short read into the opening paragraphs of this book to realize this author was well educated in the Hebrew language, immediately dispelling the myth of a 6 day creation. Regardless of whether one agrees with the author's theology, his knowledge of Biblical sources and foundations of its language is hard to dispute.

It recounts Judeo-Christian beliefs regarding the world from creation to the descent of the children of Israel into Egypt, and contains some of the best-known stories of the Old Testament, including Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah's Ark, the Tower of Babel, and the biblical Patriarchs. For Jews the theological importance of Genesis centers on the Covenants linking God to his Chosen People and the people to the Promised Land. Christianity has reinterpreted Genesis as the prefiguration of Christian beliefs, notably the Christian view of Christ as the new Adam and the New Testament as the culmination of the covenants. Structurally, Genesis consists of a "primeval history" (Genesis 1-11) and cycles of Patriarchal stories. The narrative of Joseph stands apart from these. It appears to have reached its final form in the 5th century BC, with a previous history of composition reaching back possibly to the 10th century. Religious Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that the book has its origins in divine revelation.


THE BOOK OF GENESIS is the key to the Bible. In the New Testament it is quoted twenty-seven times literally and thirty-eight times substantially. It tells in a very few words how God first imaged man and the universe and then turned the development over to Jehovah, who has been in a process of manifestation for ages and aeons.

The "Five Books of Moses," of which Genesis is the first, have always been credited to Moses, but that he was the author seems doubtful in the face of the many stories of creation found in the legends and hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, Chaldea, and other nations that are almost identical with those of Genesis. It would thus seem that Moses edited the legends of the ages and compiled them into an allegorical history of creation.

As printed in English translations there is little to reconcile Genesis with creation as revealed by modern geology. It is said that Hugh Miller, the brilliant Scottish geologist, went insane in his efforts to reconcile Genesis with the geological record. However more accurate translations of the Hebrew show that the literal reading of the English is often not warranted by the original text. For example, the English Bible reads, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Fentons translation renders it thus: "By periods God created that which produced the Suns; then that which produced the Earth." When we realize that God is mind (Spirit-mind), we see that this latter rendition is correct. God creates the ideas that form the things. Here we have the key that unlocks not only the mysteries of Genesis but the whole Bible. God's creations are always spiritual. This includes the spiritual man, called Jehovah, through whom all things, including personal man, Adam, are brought into manifestation.

We ask our readers to dwell on this initial proposition until its truth is established in consciousness, because it is repeated over and over in both the Old and the New Testament. Jesus said, "I speak not from myself: but the Father abiding in me doeth his works." Jesus was here referring both to His personality, the external I, and to the inner spiritual entity that He named the Father, in Genesis called Jehovah. Hebrew words are composite; they contain a variety of meanings, to be determined by the context. For example the Hebrew word yom, translated "day" in the English Bible, means "to be hot"; that is, with reference to the heat of the day as compared with the cool of the night. The word yom was also used to represent a period of time, an age.

It will readily be seen that the translator had a rich field of ideas from which to choose and that he could make his text historical or symbolical according to his consciousness. If he thought the original story was a statement of facts his translation would be to that end. The Pharisees of Jesus' time were condemned by Him for teaching the letter of the Scriptures and neglecting the spirit. The same charge can be brought today against those who study the Bible as history rather than as parable and idealistic illustration of the spiritual unfoldment of man.

The Bible veils in its history the march of man from innocence and ignorance to a measure of sophistication and understanding. Over all hovers the divine idea of man, the perfect-man pattern, the Lord, who is a perpetual source of inspiration and power for every man. Those who seek to know this Lord and His manifestation, Jesus Christ, receive a certain spiritual quickening that opens the inner eye of the soul and they see beyond the land of shadows into the world of Spirit.

350 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610334353
ISBN-13: 9781610334358

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