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My Visit to Agharta

My Visit to Agharta
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My Visit to Agharta

by T. Lobsang Rampa

"A remarkable work, by a remarkable man whose psychic powers remain unsurpassed in the West." -- Tim Swartz, ConspiracyJournal.com


Always at the center of controversy, T Lobsang Rampa initially came to the attention of the public in the l950's. THE THIRD EYE received wide acclaim by a public that was just beginning to awaken to diverse forms of spirituality.

WHAT MADE RAMPA DIFFERENT from other "teachers," is he did not push any of his experiences at others, but in a simple, humble fashion, told of a more peaceful, serene life style which had come to him after years of hardship in his homeland. Tibet had been invaded by the Chinese communists, and many monks and adepts had to flee for their lives. But Rampa was able to survive due to his deep understanding and application of cosmic laws he had learned from several sources, including masters of the planet Venus, as well as beings from the Inner Earth.

What makes Rampa's books so unique is that they are NOT transferred through channeling, but by way of self experience in the REAL WORLD. The many topics in his works has included:

  • The Death Process On The "Other Side."

  • The Earth's Far Past.

  • Contact With Space People.

  • The Human Aura.

  • Telepathy And Clairvoyance.

  • Astral Travel And Life Forms on Other Dimensions.

  • The Aksahic Records.

RAMPA HAS LEFT THE PHYSICAL PLANE, yet his teachings continue to attract new followers every day. any do not realize that Rampa's books were written over several decades and that he has transcended from the physical plane.
Unfortunately, even though he authored 30 books, the majority were never published in the U.S. Recently a manuscript was uncovered detailing Rampa's travels to Agharta, the capitol of the Inner Earth near Tibet. Along with this full length -- previously unpublished -- work the published has collected excerpts from his prior works that have not been issued before, making this a true collectors edition you will want to own.

Inside, the cave was pleasantly warm and smoky. A distinctly friendlier environment than the cold, uninviting mountains outside. Seated in front of the fire with his back to me sat a man clad in the traditional robes of a Tibetan Lama. I recognized instantly my friend of many years, whose astral invitation had brought me to this strange, wild land, the Lama Mingyar Dondup.

"Master," I said, bowing deeply with my hands clasped together in the typical Tibetan greeting. "I have come as you requested."

"Welcome Lobsang," he replied without turning his head. "Come warm yourself in front of the fire."

"These mountains are far to the north of our own Himalayas," he told me. "They are part of the Tian Shan mountain range. But you will not find this particular range on any map. We are now deep in a part of Asia that not only is inaccessible by the hazards of the landscape, but also by the local governments and current political situation. This area is forbidden territory as it is said the nearby Pamir plateau was once the garden of Eden."

Softbound, 8.5 x 11", 143 pages

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