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Mucusless Diet Healing System : Definite Cure of Constipation : Rational Fasting

Mucusless Diet Healing System : Definite Cure of Constipation : Rational Fasting
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Mucusless Diet
Healing System


The Definite Cure of
Chronic Constipation
Rational Fasting

Arnold Ehret

Three popular books of Professor Ehret in one volume. All the phases of the process of development of the medical science, including those of the earliest periods of civilization, have in their way of understanding the causal nature of diseases that one thing in common that the diseases, owing to external causes, enter into the human body and thus, by force of a necessary or at least unavoidable law, disturb it in its existence, cause it pain and at last destroy it.


Even modern medical science, no matter how scientifically enlightened it pretends to be, has not quite turned away from this basic note of demoniac interpretation. In fact, the most modern achievement, bacteriology, rejoices over every newly discovered bacillus as a further addition to the army of beings whose accepted task it is to endanger the life of man.

Looking at it from a philosophical standpoint, this interpretation differs from the mediaeval superstition and the period of fetishism only in the supplemental name. Formerly it was an "evil spirit," which imagination went so far as to believe in "satanic personages;" now this same dangerous monster is a microscopically visible being whose existence has been proven beyond any doubt.

The matter, it is true, has still a great drawback in the so-called "disposition" - a fine word! - but what we really are to understand by it, nobody has ever told us. All the tests on animals, with their symptom-reactions, do not prove anything sure, because these occur only by means of injection into the blood-circulation and never by introduction into the digestive channel through the mouth.

There is something true in the conception of "external invasion" of a disease, as well as in heredity, however not in the sense that the invader is a spirit (demon) hostile to life, or a microscopic being (bacillus); but all diseases without exception, even the hereditary, are caused - disregarding a few other unhygienic causes - by biologically wrong, "unnatural" food and by each ounce of over-nourishment, only and exclusively.

First of all I maintain that in all diseases without exception there exists a tendency by the organism to secrete mucus, and in case of a more advanced stage - pus (decomposed blood). Of course every healthy organism must also contain a certain mucus - lymph, a fatty substance of the bowels, etc., of a mucus nature.)

Every expert will admit this in all catarrhalic cases, from a harmless cold in the nose to inflammation of the lungs and consumption, as well as in epilepsy (attacks showing froth at the mouth, mucus). Where this secretion of mucus does not show freely and openly, as in cases of ear, eye, skin or stomach trouble, heart diseases, rheumatism, gout, etc., even in all degrees of insanity, is mucus the main factor of the illness, the natural secretive-organs not being able to cope with it any longer, the mucus entering the blood and causing at the respective spot where the vessel-system is probably contracted owing to an over-cooling (cold), etc., heat, inflammation, pain, fever.

We need only to give a patient of any-kind nothing but "mucusless" food, for instance fruit or even nothing but water or lemonade: we then find that the entire digestive energy, freed for the first time, throws itself upon the mucus-matters, accumulated since childhood and frequently hardened, as well as on the "pathologic beds" formed therefrom. And the result? With unconditional certainty this mucus which I mark as the common basic and main cause of all diseases will appear in the urine and in the excrements. If the disease is already somewhat advanced so that in some spot, even in the innermost interior, there have appeared pathologic beds, i.e. decomposed cellular tissues, then pus is also being secreted.

As soon as the introduction of mucus by means of "artificial food," fat meat, bread, potatoes, farinaceous products, rice milk, etc., ceases, the blood-circulation attacks the mucus and the pus of the body themselves and secretes them through the urine, and in the case of heavily infected bodies, even through all the openings at their command as well as through the mucus membranes.

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