Historical Reprints Philosophical Morals and Dogma : Facsimile Edition

Morals and Dogma : Facsimile Edition

Morals and Dogma : Facsimile Edition
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Albert Pike


Morals and Dogma
of the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Facsimile Edition

By Albert Pike

TGS Publishing reprints this facsimile edition in two volumes, which includes the 220+ page digest-index, added years later to Albert Pike's manuscript. TGS makes no apology for the manuscript pages having stray dots, occasional lines, or varying quality. These were scanned pages from a very old book printed on India paper (tissue thin). Great care was taken not to destroy or damage the original in bringing this book back in print.

Book Description from Original Publisher

The teachings of these Readings are not sacramental, so far as they go beyond the realm of Morality into those of other domains of Thought and Truth. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite uses the word Dogma in its true sense, of doctrine, or teaching; and is not dogmatic in the odious sense of that term.

Everyone is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound. It is only required of him that he shall weigh what is taught, and give it fair hearing and unprejudiced judgment. Of course, the ancient theosophic and philosophic speculations are not embodied as part of the doctrines of the Rite; but because it is of interest and profit to know what the Ancient Intellect thought upon these subjects, and because nothing so conclusively proves the radical difference between our human and the animal nature, as the capacity of the human mind to entertain such speculations in regard to itself and the Deity.


  • Apprentice;
  • Fellow-craft;
  • Master;
  • Secret Master;
  • Perfect Master;
  • Intimate Secretary;
  • Provost and Judge;
  • Intendant of the Building;
  • Elu of the Nine;
  • Elu of the Fifteen;
  • Elu of the Twelve;
  • Master Architect;
  • Royal Arch of Solomon;
  • Perfect Elu;
  • Knight of the East;
  • Prince of Jerusalem;
  • Knight of the East and West;
  • Knight Rose Croix;
  • Pontiff;
  • Master of the Symbolic Lodge;
  • Noachite or Prussian Knight;
  • Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Liabanus;
  • Chief of the Tabernacle;
  • Prince of the Tabernacle;
  • Knight of the Brazen Serpent;
  • Prince of Mercy;
  • Knight Commander of the Temple;
  • Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept;
  • Scottish Knight of St. Andrew;
  • Knight Kadosh;
  • Inspector Inquisitor;
  • Master of the Royal Secret.
If you read only one book on Freemasonry, this is it!

"Buthos and His Thought, uniting with Wisdom, made her fruitful by the Divine Light, and she produced a perfect and an imperfect being, Christos, and a Second and inferior Wisdom, Sophia-Achamoth, who falling into chaos remained entangled there, became enfeebled, and lost all knowledge of the Superior Wisdom that gave her birth. Communicating movement to chaos, she produced Ialdaboath, the Demiourgos, Agent of Material Creation ... Ialdabaoath produced an angel that was his image, and this a second, and son on in succession to the sixth after the Demiourgos ... Ialdabaoath, to become independent of his mother, and to pass for the Supreme Being, made the world, and man in his own image; and his mother caused the Spiritual principle to pass from him into man so made; and henceforward the contest between the Demiourgos and his mother, between light and darkness, good and evil, was concentrated in man."

"And the image of Ialdabaoth, reflected upon matter, became the Serpent-Spirit, Satan, the Evil Intelligence. Eve, created by Ialdabaoth, had by his Sons children that were angels like themselves. The Spiritual light was withdrawn from man by Sophia, and the world surrendered to the influence of evil; until the Spirit, urged by the entreaties of Wisdom, induced the Supreme Being to send Christos to redeem it. Compelled, despite himself, by his Mother, Ialdabaoth caused the man Jesus to be born of a Virgin; and the Celestial Savior, uniting with his Sister, Wisdom, descended through the regions of the seven angels ... and entered with his sister into the man Jesus at the baptism in Jordan."
End Excerpt

Softcover, 7x10", 861 pages and the 200+ page index in 2 Volumes

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