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or the
Secret Doctrine of the Bible

J.C.F. Grumbine

The Bible has been regarded as a sealed book, its mysteries impenetrable, its knowledge unfathomable, its key lost. Even its miracles have been so excluded from scientific research as to be invested with a supernaturalism which forever separated them from the possibility of human understanding and rational interpretation.

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In the midst of these revolutionary times, it is not strange that theology and institutional Christianity should feel the foundations of their authority slipping from them, and a new, broader and more spiritual thought of man and God taking their places. All this is a part of the general awakening of mankind and has not come about in a day or a year. It grew. It is still growing, because the soul is eternal and justifies and vindicates its own unfoldment.

Some see in this new birth of man that annihilation of church and state, but others who are more informed and illumined, realized that the chaff and dross of error are being separated from the wheat and gold of truth and that only the best, and that which is for the highest good of mankind will remain.

It is a pity that the church must continually perish that the truth shall shine in perfect and eternal splendour. Would that the church could the light of the Divine Truth so shine that creeds, theologies and ritual might be revised to meet the present and progressive needs of the human soul.

Religion does not depend for is existence upon the church, but the church depends upon religion. The moral and spiritual teachings of the Bible are revelations only in so far as they agree with truth, and truth alone determines the spiritual substance of revelation.

68 pages - 5½ x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610336860
ISBN-13: 9781610336864

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