Historical Reprints Science Maya Tzental Perez Codex : Linguistic Problem of the Maya Glyphs

Maya Tzental Perez Codex : Linguistic Problem of the Maya Glyphs

Maya Tzental Perez Codex : Linguistic Problem of the Maya Glyphs
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Maya-Tzental Perez Codex

The Linguistic Problem
of the Maya Glyphs

Includes Facsimile Copy
of the Perez (Paris) Codex

William E. Gates

IN presenting this Commentary on the Codex Perez to students of American Archaeology, the Peabody Museum adds another paper to its series relating to the study of the hieroglyphic writing of the ancient peoples of Mexico and Central America.


THE PEREZ CODEX was discovered just fifty years ago by Prof. Leon de Rosny, while searching through the Bibliothè que Impèriale, Paris, in the hope of bringing to light some documents of interest for the then newly awakened study of Pre-Columbian America. It was found by him in a basket among a lot of old papers, black with dust and practically abandoned in a chimney corner. From a few words with the name Perez, written on a torn scrap of paper then around it but since lost, it received its name.

THE colors of the Codex afforded a number of questions for solution, some of which I have cleared up and embodied in the plates; a few are I believe insoluble. I have also been able to add a few wholly new points, not indicated by any of the preceding editions.

COMING then to the question of the subject-matter of the Codex, I feel that little is in order beyond a simple analytical description of the different pages, rather than any attempt at an interpretation. The road of general deductions from superficial resemblances between unknown elements and the details of other known things from other times and places, is strewn by the wrecks of too many theories to be attractive traveling. I am firmly convinced of the greatness and importance of the study we have before us, and the exalted civilization which produced it; but I do not know how to interpret these monuments.

Indeed the very persistence with which the interpretation (which will certainly be self-evident and everywhere applicable when it does finally come) still eludes us, is a sufficient proof that we have not yet found the right road. When we do, great doorways to the past of mankind will open of themselves, and we will know more of human life and evolution than we now guess. Until then we can only describe, classify, and try to get rid of some of the mechanical impedimenta of the search.

What we have of the Perez Codex is manifestly but a fragment; the extent of it originally we have no means of even guessing. It is fortunate however that what we have gives several practically complete chapters or portions of the work. Taking first the side of the MS. paged 2 to 12, we find the entire side covered by a series of pictures with text, all identical in arrangement.


The Perez Codex

The Colors

The Pages In Detail

The Maya Glyphs


The Perez (Paris) Codex Facsimile

A copy of the codex is included at the back of the book beginning at page 111 and each facing (right) page of the codex is a zoom view of the center Maya text portion of the plate on the left page, enhanced for your study.

8¼" height 5¼" width - 155+ pages

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