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Masters of the Mystical Rose

Masters of the Mystical Rose
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Masters of the Mystical Rose

by Maree Moore

In order to understand the present, we must understand the past

From Noah to St Germain, from the Knights Templar to the Royal House of Scotland, this meticulously researched book by Maree Moore goes a long way in putting together the pieces that make up this great canvas of history. Revelations that hold more fascination and relevance for the world today can be tied in to the truths revealed in The Masters of the Mystical Rose.

The Ascended Masters have carefully chosen some of the most powerful and significant people in history to reveal stunning information and insights into the teachings of The Mystical Rose.

731 pages reveal an amazing story of just some of the men and women of history through whom the Masters have worked ---.. Pythagorus, Merlin, King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare?), Elizabeth 1.

  • Did Atlantis and Lemuria really exist?

  • What was the Grail?

  • Who was the Teacher of Righteousness written about by the Essenes?

  • What is the true relevance of The Dead Sea Scrolls and why is there a cover up being orchestrated even today?

A few of the 44 chapters in this immense book are ------.
  • The Great White Brotherhood and the Origin of the Arcana

  • Masters of the Rose in Ancient Days

  • The Rose and the Cross

  • Lemuria and Atlantis

  • The Ancient Land of Sumer

  • Egypt and the Ancient Mysteries

  • The Essenes

  • The Choosing of the Disciples

  • The Annas' Priests of the Sanhedrin

  • The Secret Disciple

  • Cryptics in the Bible

  • The Celtic Druids and Avalon

  • Ireland's Beloved Saint Patrick

  • The Legends of Merlin and Arthur

  • Saint Columba and Iona

  • The Cathars and other Guardians of the Grail

  • The Romance and Destitution of Francis Bacon

  • The French Revolution

About the Author

"Who are you?" I asked

"I am your Master Teacher. I am the Master of the Rose. " Said he.

Since 1993, when these words were sent to her, Maree Moore has known that she has been chosen to write and convey the message of the ascended Masters and to further enlighten the World.

Born in Australia in 1945, the mother of two children was always different. From early childhood, she experienced the influence of great powers. Having attended several courses on "spirituality" as most do when they seek the meaning of life, Maree became fascinated by the Ascended Masters. A series of extraordinary experiences followed and the Masters began to send messages to Maree, mostly during the very early hours of the morning. She was given a message from Archangel Raphael that she had 'Work to do'.

Writing with a passion for three years and inspired by the Great Source resulted in the book The Masters of the Mystical Rose - A History of the Grail Family.

In the last two years, Maree Moore has traveled extensively through Northern Ireland and Scotland in order to seek further understanding and to research for future writings.


Page 315:

We know that John Joseph, the Beloved, was given the care of Mary, therefore, how did it come to be that it was Joseph of Arimathea, almost a complete stranger, who accompanied Mary to Glastonbury in 36 AD - just three years after the Crucifixion? The answer is clearly because John Joseph the beloved Disciple and Joseph of Arimathea were the one person. John Joseph is the 'secret Disciple'. He was clearly the 'son of consolation' to his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. There is another strange clue in the Gospel of John 19:38-39:

"And after this Joseph of Arimathea, being a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews, besought Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus; and Pilate gave him leave. He came therefore, and took the body of Jesus. And there came also Nicodemus, which at the first came to Jesus by night, and brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about an hundred pound in weight." (Note this is an incredible amount of spices).

Page 356

At dawn on the 25th December, each year, the Druids would rise early to watch the birth of the Sun, which they regarded as their 'Sun god' and great celebrations were held. Winter (Imbolc) in the northern hemisphere officially begins on 1st February, but the cold frosts and the snow begin in December. At Beltane (1st May) which is the astrological month of Taurus when spring burst forth in all its glory, bonfires were lit on hilltops to celebrate the fruitful germination of their crops.

The Druids celebrated two solstices, the new and the full moon and the 6th day of the moon were sacred periods and it is believed that the 'initiation' ceremonies took place only at the two solstices and the two equinoxes. This would have been when their 'Arthor's or Pendragons (head dragon-chiefs) were chosen, probably by a Merlin.

Softbound, 731 pages, 6 x 9"

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