Beyond Reality The Next Life Many Mansions : Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation

Many Mansions : Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation

Many Mansions : Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation
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Many Mansions
The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation

by Gina Cerminara

Dr. Cerminara examines how the famed psychic penetrated the "previous lives" of his subjects and performed cures and prophecies that made him a notable clairvoyant. Connecting issues such as reincarnation, spiritual healing, past life regression, hypnosis, karma and parapsychology, Cayce's work is presented in an authoritative and engaging dialogue.

An affirmation of the age-old belief in reincarnation, a profile of the legendary psychic reveals Cayce's remarkable healing abilities and prophecies and examines the legacy of his work in terms of such issues as past life regression, hypnosis, parapsychology, karma, and more.

Edgar Cayce's incredible healing power is recorded fact. Thousands of microfilms filed at the foundation for psychic research at Virginia Beach testify to Cayce's ability to diagnose, prescribe, and cure the ills of people whose names and locations he was given, but whom he had never seen. Known as "The Miracle Man of Virginia Beach", his successes astonished medical authorities -- and the world.

Many Mansions is Dr. Cerminara's account of these healings -- and an affirmation of the age-old belief in reincarnation. She tells how Cayce saw past the barriers of space and time, how he penetrated the "previous" lives of his subjects, and performed the fantastic cures and prophecies that made him the most remarkable clairvoyant in


Chapter 7
Karma in Suspension

A curious fact, observable in the cases of physical karma already discussed, is that the karmic consequence of an action sometimes shows itself only after an interval of one or more lifetimes. The question arises as to why this karmic suspension is necessary. Why should not the reaction begin immediately, with the promptness of a ball rebounding from a wall?

There would seem to be several answers to this question. One is that the ego must wait for a time and place appropriate to the karma which it has created. It may take centuries before such a suitable opportunity presents itself, and the intervening centuries are to be used for the working out of other character problems. A good example of this type of karmic suspension is seen in the Cayce data on entities who once lived on the lost continent of Atlantis.

The existence of this vast ancient continent beneath the Atlantic Ocean has never been fully proved or disproved by science, though a fairly good case for it has been made on the basis of historical, geological, and cultural evidences. The principal historical secondary source is Plato, who refers to Atlantis quite seriously in the Critias and Timaeus dialogues. One of the geological evidences often cited is the discovery made when a trans-Atlantic cable snapped and sank to a depth of ten thousand feet; when dragged to the surface the cable brought with it pieces of lava which under the microscopic examination were shown to have been hardened on land areas above water. Among cultural evidences perhaps the most striking are, first, the universality of the flood story (it is found not only in the Bible but also in the legends and religions of almost all primitive peoples in the world); and second, the close similarity of language and architecture between Egypt and Central America at an age when no communication between the two continents is known to have existed. Al considered, the total evidence is persuasive, though by no means conclusive.

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