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Makers of Civilization, The

Makers of Civilization, The
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Makers of Civilization

By L.A. Waddell

A profusely authoritative and well illustrated work representing the Phoenecian theory on British origins, supported by an imposing array of evidence.

The Message for the Future
is the Message of the Past."

From the Preface:

It is a commonplace that, in order to achieve real Progress in the Present, it is necessary to know what has been accomplished in the Past. Thus, if we are to apply usefully to the Present the accumulated knowledge we possess of The Origin and Growth of the Sciences, of Art, of Literature, of the Free Institutions of Society, the forms of Religious Belief and of Government; and more particularly of these as forming the basis for further Progress in the Present and the Future, it is first of all necessary, in order to avoid useless waste of effort in directions already exploited, to know exactly what has been achieved in these directions in the Past, and the manner and circumstances in which it was achieved and by whom.

Yet, in respect to our Civilization, the supreme movement of existence towards a higher and fuller state of being, which embraces all these departments of knowledge and institutions, which enriches our lives and has effected the phenomenal Rise of Man from savagery and barbarism to sunlit heights, and on which the Present as well as the Future Progress of the World mainly depends, it is notorious how little definitely has been known of its origin, early growth and development and its authors. Nothing whatever has been known of the personalities of its gifted authors who originated and established Civilization for us in very much the same form in which it still exists, nor of their names, home, race, the manner and circumstances and form in which they invented it, developed it and began its dissemination over the world, nor even their approximate date.

At the present time, especially is this information desirable and necessary in view of the unrest which is threatening the Progress, if not the very existence of Civilization, and the menacing revolt by masses of the people, and even otherwise educated people, against its obligatory burdens, obviously in ignorance of how the priceless boon of civilization was achieved and of the superior race quality and higher intellects which made it possible, and which are still necessary for the continued efficient existence and Progress of that elaborate complex of social and political organization called " Civilization," For biologists have conclusively shown that civilization is fundamentally conditioned by a superior quality of race, and that in the classic Greek period civilization reached its zenith under the Aryan or Nordic Race (which still forms a leading element in the foremost European nations to-day) ; and that it waned and became practically extinct in later Greece with the weakening and practical extinction there of that racial element.

That hitherto missing elementary knowledge as to the origin, names and personalities, home, race and date of those originators of creative genius who invented, established and first developed and propagated civilization over the world, is now offered in these pages from arresting new discoveries of concrete contemporary history from documents revealed by the spade on the horizon of written history.

This work now recovers for us those epoch-making culture heroes who originated civilization, with their long-lost real names, personalities and authentic records of achievements and exploits, as truly historical kings of fixed dates, who have left us many of their actual contemporary inscribed monuments, along with full lists of their early kings and dynasties with their regnal years, extending continuously back to the rise of civilization; for they are disclosed as being already at that epoch a scientific people, accustomed to writing and calculation by calendar years and possessed of a keen historical sense. It also recovers for us a mass of new concrete inscriptional and other authentic history regarding the personalities of the early propagators of civilization by land and sea over Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indo-Persia, the Mediterranean, Crete and Ancient Europe, including Britain, with their dates in times hitherto considered "Prehistoric," along with some light upon the lowly temporary portraits of animals, wild and domesticated, at early periods which can now be definitely dated, and in habitats where they have long been extinct, such as, the woolly-maned lion, rhinoceros and tiger, and amongst the domesticated animals we find at these early dates the prick-eared wolf, Brahminy bull, buffalo, elephant, and goats of different species.

On the origin of civilized writing from Sumerian picot-graphs--selected signs of which I have shown were the parents of our modern alphabetic letters with their phonetic values--considerable light-- is thrown by the early Indus colony writers having preserved fuller pictographic forms. of many of the signs than in the Mesopotamian script. Thus many of the hieroglyph signs in the latter which are drawn so abbreviated and diagrammatically that the original object which they pictured is doubtful or unknown, that object now becomes recognizable.

Such are a few of the many outstanding results which so far have followed from comparison of the monumental inscriptions with the literary remains of our Aryan ancestors. Important in themselves, by placing universal history on a firmer foundation than before, they are still more so by the promise they afford of the harvest of new knowledge that awaits us when the methods of research, of which this comparison is the key, have been more. fully exploited.

The enforced delay of nearly a quarter of a century between the making and publishing of most of these discoveries, however regrettable, has not been without its compensations. The interval has witnessed the remarkable confirmation of my observations as to the Sumerian origin of the language and civilization of India that is supplied by the unearthing of two dead Sumerian cities. in the Indus Valley, with numerous monuments and inscribed seals, the first batch of which in my pioneer readings of the inscriptions disclosed the name of that Sumerian colony and of several of its chief governors and high priests, the Sumerian emperor who founded the colony, and the date; and also furnished the key to that early form of cursive Sumerian script, for writing with pen and ink on parchment. It has afforded, by the unearthing of fresh inscriptions, . further and more and of Civilization has hitherto grossly misled historians in general. But all of these so-called "Semitic " dynasties, as well as their individual kings, including, for example, "Sargon-the-Great" (who, however, never called himself "Sargon," nor was so called even in late Babylonia), and King Khamrnu-Rabi of Law-code fame, are now conclusively proved in this work from their own contemporary records to be Sumerians or Aryans in race; and each and all of them are recognized Early Aryan kings and dynasties of the Indo-Aryans, several of them being famous Early Aryans mentioned iii the Vedic psalm literature of the orthodox Hindus, and one of them is the famous epical Aryan king Rama Chandra, the hero of the Ramdyaniz romance and the most popular ancient heroic Aryan king in India to-dam And it is difflcñ lt to acquit altogether from blame those distinguished Assyriologist scholars who mechanically foil lowing each other, have allowed the spell cast by their Semitic prejudice to blind them for so long to the real facts.

Geographically, considerable insight is gained incidentally through these earliest inscriptions regarding Leading place-names of the Ancient World, and the unsuspected wide prevalence of deep-sea Navigation by the Early Aryans and their Phoenician branch in times hitherto deemed "prehistoric." In Menes' day, over forty-five centuries ago, we find large three-decked ships scouring the seas "in fleets," and which "made the full course," implying that the courses were already mapped out. The remarkable persistence of place-names is also demonstrated, Whilst some of the ancient names, such as "Rham" or "Ham" for Egypt, have long become obsolete, though now found in the newly deciphered inscriptions many centuries earlier than previously known, others like Parahsi or "Persia" and Mushsir or Egypt--the modem vernacular name of which is still "Misr "--disclose the currency of the modern names a millennium or more before that hitherto recorded. And besides locating definitely the lost pre-]lndian homeland of the Indo-Aryans, the historical original of the real "Garden of Eden" paradise is found in a location far from that hitherto imagined for it.

Published 1928
760+ pages - 6¾ x 8¼, softcover
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