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Magic of Our Universe

Magic of Our Universe
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Magic of Our Universe
Beyond the Facts

by Kent Davis Moberg

The Magic of Our Universe is an interactive reference manual of the fascinating anomalies pervading our universal living space. Categories include: Extraterrestrial life • UFOs Area 51 and the UFO coverup Alien abductions • Crop circles Life after death and Reincarnation Miracles and Angels Hauntings Bigfoot and "Nessie" Extrasensory perception Spontaneous human combustion Prophets such as Nostradmus and Edgar Cayce The Philadelphia Experiment Crystal skulls In standard, easy-reference format, the book explains each anomaly through definitions, current statistics and the most well-documented cases.

Back Cover:
The Magic of Our Universe assimilates most television documentary information regarding, supernatural, unidentified, and unexplained phenomena, and delivers it to the reader with unprecedented organization and unbridled intrigue. It also directs the reader to the most highly recommended television programs, books, videos, CD-Roms, internet sites, and research organizations for further investigation...

This book proves that the most powerful media and entertainment device known to mankind may also stand among the world's finest libraries.

But the Magic of Our Universe takes the reader "Beyond The Facts" and suggests interrelationships among these universal anomalies, and further, how they might immensely benefit the human condition...

You will not put this book down without first becoming thoroughly enlightened, completely fascinated, and well informed...

It may very well change your perspective of the Universe and of your position in it, forever....

Page 158
Countess Elizabeth Bathery
Born in 1560 into a powerful Hungarian family with a history of madness, Elizabeth Bathery would eventually epitomize the family profile. She married a young nobleman Forenz Nessadi. Early on, Elizabeth's thirst for blood became evident as young peasant girls began disappearing at night. She acquired the habit of imprisoning, torturing, and killing the girls whenever her gallant husband would venture off to war. He vanished mysteriously in 1604. During her "experiments," Elizabeth would hoist a young girl to the rafters, pierce her body, and drink as blood ran down. Believing that she would attain eternal life from this young blood, she began bathing in it as well. Soon the castle grounds were filled with graves of the dead girls. The servants then began filling the forest with bodies. Villagers discovered blood-drenched corpses and of course immediately cried, "Vampire!" Finally in 1610, the countess's cousin learned of the charades and executed the servants and sealed Elizabeth in her room, where all had transpired. Elizabeth withered away in 1614, but in her own diary she admitted consuming the blood of 650 girls during her reign of terror.

Page 246
Vicke Umepeg
Another unique case is that of blind musician Vicki Umepeg. Vicki was in a bad car accident and was rushed to the hospital, where for the first time in her life, she could see. She floated out of her body and could clearly see the hall and hospital personnel before she went up through the ceiling. She was then sucked into a tunnel and ended up out on a lawn with magnificent flowers, birds, and angels. Upon her recovery, Vicki, a blind woman, was able to describe the hospital corridor, and the orderlies who had wheeled her in."

358pp, 9x6, soft back

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