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The Woman Who
Enlightened the Christ

By William Henry

Could Mary Magdalene have been Jesus' wife and the one who enlightened him? William Henry has been doing historical and mythological detective work on the suppressed secrets of Jesus and Mary Magdalene for more than 20 years. Now, he goes beyond THE DA VINCI CODE and HOLY BLOOD-HOLY GRAIL and pierces the veil of mysteries enshrouding this intriguing pair. In this book, he presents new evidence about the true history of Mary Magdalene, including the reasons why she was called the Illuminator or Illuminatrix.

Henry reveals sensational new research he has gleaned from forbidden texts, and discloses teachings deciphered from clues encrypted in religious art and legend. In MARY MAGDALENE: THE ILLUMINATOR, journey to the core of the inscrutable Mary Magdalene to discover knowledge of the "ultimate secret" -- of the Tower or Ladder to God, also called the Stairway to Heaven. Also explore these topics: The astonishing facts about the secret teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their connection to the Illumined Ones of the past. The alchemical secrets of Mary Magdalene's anointing oil and how it transformed Jesus. The Gnostics and Cathars and their connection to Mary Magdalene. The Magdalene's connection to Ishtar, Isis and other ancient goddesses. The reality of an extraterrestrial presence in the Bible and Gnostic Christian texts. How the Knights Templar encoded the secret teaching of Jesus and Mary in religious graffiti at Domme, France. And much, much more!



This book is primarily about the "supreme initiate" of Jesus, Mary Magdalene: one of the most mysterious of all literary figures. Said to be a prophetess who 'knew the All', a priestess of Isis and Ishtar, a "holy harlot," who seduced men from the Eastern and Western world (including a messiah), a shining example of conversion from "sin", a mother of future kings, and a perfumer, she's as alluring as the "mare among stallions" the Egyptians' enemies set loose in war to drive the pharaoh's stallions wild. The source of her power to captivate is her refusal to be put lit a box: whether it be an alabaster box, a prostitute box, a sinner box, a Christian box, a box of Gospels, or a goddess box.So, in this book we will search for Mary Magdalene (MAG-duh-luhn, MAG-duh-leen) outside the box.

Even more, this book is a search for the lost esoteric teaching of Jesus (as opposed to the exoteric story about him) and Mary Magdalene (referred to, for convenience, as MM), which she taught and for which the popular thirteenth century French chronicler Jacobus says she earned the distinction Iliuminata and Illuminatrix - the Illumined and Illuminator. Webster's says Iliuminati literally meant 'enlightened ones' in Latin. It comes from illuminare, to light up. It means 'persons who had received baptism'. Hence, they were 'lit up'.

Sometime around 1267 Jacobus de Voragine, the Archbishop of Genoa (Northern Italy), known as the 'father of the poor', compiled a valuable source book on the lives of the Christian saints entitled the Golden Legend. It is said that no book other than the Bible was so widely read during the late Middle Ages. This encyclopedia of wonders, mysteries and intrigue was one of the first books published when the new literary language, English, appeared in the late 15th century. It was written for the common people and widely embraced by them. Jacobus' work, which he titled Legend of the Saints, was so influential that after his death he was venerated as a saint, and invoked as 'the peacemaker'. The attacks on the work by the Reformers sent the book into oblivion until it was revived in 1892.

The curious thing about Jacobus' legends is that the original authors remain 'hidden'. One commentator writing in the introduction to The Golden Legend notes that this 'author' is the masses, the people themselves. "The true' matter of the legend is fashioned by the mind and soul of the people, and added to, or even at times substituted for, what is authentically known about the saints." These substitutions spring from the hearts and minds of the people. They are made to suit the ideals of the people and to fill the needs of the current era psyche.

A hallmark of Jacobus' work is his radical etymologies and use of apocryphal sources to reveal a parallel tradition to that of 'official' Christianity.

An example of his method is the name Mary lVlagdalene. Jacobus says Mary is interpreted anmurum mare, bitter sea, or light-giver, or enlightened. Magdalen is the same as manens rea and means armed, unconquered and magnificent. This postulates a far different MM from the Church's image of Mary as a repentant prostitute.


The enormous popularity of Jacobus' work - which no doubt raised a few eyebrows when it revealed that Mary Magdalene was actually a 'magnificent enlightened one' --corresponded with the glory days of the Knights Templar, also known as 'The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon'. In the early 1100's this mystic military Order claimed ownership of a mysterious ancient secret they discovered at the site of Solomon's Temple (Sol's Temple or Soul's Temple) in Jerusalem. The Templars based themselves at the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine atop Mount Moriah which they renamed the Temple of the Lord.

The list of what the Templars potentially discovered -the "bones" the inquisitive Templars dug up -- during their cryptic excavations within the Temple is impressive: The Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the secrets of sacred geometry, the ancient super science of the Anunnaki gods of Sumeria, the secrets of building vortexes.

Some claim the core of the Templar discovery was a secret about or even belonging to Mary Magdalene. A mysterious human skull called a 'dead head' (that was capable of turning a wasteland into a garden) symbolized this epic lost secret of the Templars. As we will see, MM is frequently painted holding a human skull.

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